16 years old best film pokiri was released by Mahesh Babu

Hello friends, you are welcome, friends on our blog movieproreview.com, in today’s date, whenever we talk about stardom and Chris of a star, one name emerges at the top of a few selected names and that is Tollywood Prince. Mahesh Babu sir’s name is friends Mahesh Babu’s highest stardom is seen in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, so we made this blog two months ago, in which we had informed about Mahesh Babu’s stardom in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. pokiri

Today’s blog of ours will work to justify the stardom and craze of Mahesh Babu even better, as you know that today is August 9 and Mahesh Babu Sarkar was born on this day, so first of all, the entire film family. Happy Birthday to him, Mahesh Babu has completed forty-seven years on this day and in this happiness, a different level of enthusiasm and craze is being seen among the entire fans on the special demand of his fans today i.e. on 9th August. Along with Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, they are sold in different cities and even overseas markets in the South.

Sixteen-year-old film pokiri was released:-

Sixteen-year-old film pokiri was released by Friends, earlier there was talk of releasing this film on hundred shows, but this film got such a tremendous response from the fans that seeing these shows increased from one hundred to one and a half hundred more. From one hundred and fifty to two hundred plus, the tickets for all the shows were almost sold out and on seeing the Housefull boards came out outside the theatre, only Mahesh Babu’s stardom would say that his sixteen-year-old film was released this week. There was a strong response to the comparison.

Friends, even before this, on the completion of ten years of Mahesh babu pokiri full movie super duper hit film “Tukde”, special shows of this film were run in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in September 2012. Within a year, Mahesh Babu in September 2012. “Tukde” in January 2012, Mahesh Babu’s film Business Man and you have run this special show of Mahesh Babu’s film pokiri in August 2012. What kind of craze is there, let me tell you that Mahesh Babu is the only actor in India.

Whose old three films were re-released so many times within a year, not only this, on August 4, another blockbuster film of Mahesh Babu “Koru” has also been released in some selective theatres. Let me tell you that on today’s date i.e. 9th August 2002, two hundred plus shows have gone in Mahesh babu pokiri movie worldwide. With this, it has also become an all-time record for this special show of a film in India.

Mahesh Babu's pokiri film
mahesh babu pokiri full movie

Let me tell you that pokiri was the biggest blockbuster film of Mahesh Babu’s career, in which Mahesh Babu was made the number one superstar in the Telugu film industry. And with this, the film became the highest-grossing Telugu film of its time, as well as the film also got the record of an industry hit. The film was kept on hold till pokiri got a festive weekend of four days and with the release, this film started getting a huge response. Seven per cent shows on Friends Day One ran with a hundred per cent occupancy and on the first day, it earned a lot of money. were close.

Although this film was to be released on 21st April 2000, due to a delay in post-production, the film was finally released on 21st April 2008. There was such a strong response at the box office that Nandamuri Balakrishna’s film flopped badly, being Virbhadra’s side.

From friends and critics to the audience, this film has got highly positive reviews. There was a very good response in the industry, on Day One, ninety-five per cent of the ticket was sold out at Jayaprada Theater in Chennai and in many theatres in these Chennai, the film also completed the box office run time of 100 days Talk about Andhra Pradesh The pokiri Telugu full movie took fifty days in three hundred and three centres, hundred days in two hundred centres.

mahesh babu pokiri full movie
mahesh babu pokiri full movie

One hundred seventy-five days in sixty-three centres, two hundred days in fifteen centres and in many theatres, this film had completed the box office run time of three hundred and sixty-five days Let me tell you that in the last two decades any such film release of Telugu industry Could not happen, which has completed this level of box office run time. Apart from this, in the Bhagirath Theater of Kurnool, the film had completed a thousand days of box office run time and recorded a thousand days, on the demand of the fans in the Bhagirath theatre, every day four hundred would go and all the four shows would go housefull and

While doing this, he had earned sixty lakh rupees from this film alone in that theatre. Some reports also suggest that some people had even bought land by selling the tickets for pokiri movie in black, friends Mahesh Babu in the movie pokiri. Along with this, the film’s director Puri Jagannath and the film’s actress Ileana D’Cruz were also in great demand, from this film the pairing of Mahesh Babu and director Puri Jagannath was considered to be the most promising pair, which would further make businessman films. also, look together.


The wanted remake of Mahesh Babu’s pokiri film:-

Friends, not only Mahesh Babu in this film but also gave life to many superstars. Salman Khan’s sinking career, pokiri remake, Wanted Success and Thalapathy Vijay also remade this film and this film was also a super duper hit at the box office. Challenging star Darshan in the Canadian industry worked in the remake of this film. Did and that film too was a commercial success at the box office. Mahesh Babu says that after pokiri he was offered so many films that he could not understand which film he should work in, he says that great success comes with great responsibility.

The success of the film was so big that Mahesh Babu became very serious about his next film, he decided that he would not sign any film immediately, friends, after this film, only Bapu took seven to select the next new film. Took Months Definitively pokiri is a milestone film of Mahesh Babu’s career, which will be written in bold letters in the history of the Telugu film industry.

All the table sources from WikipediaAll the table sources from Wikipedia
Directed byPuri Jagannadh
Written byPuri Jagannadh
Produced byPuri Jagannadh
Manjula Ghattamaneni
StarringMahesh Babu
Ileana D’Cruz
Prakash Raj
CinematographyShyam K. Naidu
Edited byMarthand K. Venkatesh
Music byMani Sharma
Indira Productions
Vaishno Academy
Distributed byVaishno Academy
Release date28 April 2006
Running time168 minutes
Budget₹10–12 crore
Box officeest. ₹66 crore
₹1.73 crores (re-release)

I have got to see that too with the print of Four. Seventy-plus shows of this film were played in Nizam alone. In Telugu speaking status i.e. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, 150 plus special shows of this film were run, and all these shows have been houseful. And on the demand of even fans, shows were increased in many places, friends, Fifty plus shows of this film were run in the rest of the three states and overseas markets of South, you will be surprised to know that all the theatres were Housefull in USA Ticket of pokiri is one. Were sold out in an hour.

Another show of the film was run on Seven Bees on the demand of fans who were thinking Housefull of seven PM and seven fifteen PM in Cine Lodge California. His fans celebrated his birthday tremendously and during all the shows there was a whistle and applause, instead of Mahesh Babu, the fans who cut the cake at the place danced a lot, and enjoyed his birthday, the fans made his birthday special every year.


Mahesh Babu’s social duty:-

Let me tell you here that all the money earned by these special shows will be used by Mahesh Babu’s foundation for a heart operation and education of poor children, this decision was taken on the mutual decision of Mahesh Babu, his team distributors and fans. It is really a sweet gesture to put the earning of this special show in such a good place, even before this Mahesh Babu keeps doing similar social work and today his fans have also started taking part in similar works.

Let me tell you that Mahesh Babu has done heart surgery for twenty-five hundred plus children, which is really a big deal. Mahesh Babu often visits the hospital and meets those children and their families and also solves the rest of their problems. Mahesh Babu bears the entire cost of the hospital. And even today, Mahesh Babu donates thirty to forty per cent of his earnings, even teaching poor children, this donation is usually given in orphanages and old age homes.

They have also adopted two villages named “Barpalik” and Siddhapur Mahesh Babu to solve every small and big problem in these villages. For the people of these villages.

Conclusion of pokiri:-

Mahesh Babu is no less than a god. Mahesh Babu visits these villages from time to time and meets the people here to solve their problems at the grassroots level. More than ten thousand people visit his house and Mahesh Babu has made this special arrangement for all of them. On the day of the birthday, a crowd of lakhs is seen in front of Mahesh Babu’s house. He is a very down-to-earth person, due to which the people of the state feel very much attached to him.

Perhaps this is the reason why he has been making his place among the top actors of Tollywood for decades and the highest paid actor in the Telugu industry, Mahesh Babu wishes him a lot on his birthday. You can also wish Mahesh Babu a birthday in the blog comment section below, so friends, here is our special blog for today, how did you like this blog of ours? you can tell in the blog comment section below if you like my blog then blog comment on my blog thank you very much.

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