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777 Charlie film is the story of a loaner Dharma i.e. Rakshit Shetty lives alone, This is a Kannada film which is dubbed in Hindi, so will it be able to make a place in the hearts of people.

777 Charlie film is the story of a dog and his master, This is a Kannada film which is dubbed in Hindi, so will it be able to make a place in the hearts of people. Hello Friends Hello Welcome To My Blog MovieProreview.com. You must have understood that in this blog we are going to review the Hindi dubbed version of the film 777 Charlie.

What is the story of 777 Charlie movie?:-

777 Charlie is the story of a loaner Dharma i.e. Rakshit Shetty lives alone, his mother, daddy and sister have died in an accident. Lives alone and is a poor type of person, does not talk to anyone, goes to work, comes back from work in the factory, lives in society but never talks to the people of the society. Even in the factory, they do not talk to anyone, they do their business, so this is their life, they bring idli from the nearby store, eat idli and chutney, watch television and then go to sleep.

One day in his own society, a puppy gets into a dog accident. There are no borders and his heart melts, he takes that dog to the Veterinarian, the doctor gives medicine to the dog and tells Dharma that he will have to take care of him for a few days. Dharma Forced Because Dharma Is Not Found Of Any Buddy Any Animal But Forcefully Keeping That Dog At His Home And Taking Care Of It Being Changes in 777 charlie movie.

777 Charlie film

777 charlie movie tragedy:-

Even the neighbours of religion have a little girl on the bus who is very afraid of religion but when she sees the dog, she befriends the dog as well. And then one-day dharma‘s life you know turns completely upside down, what happens like this, why dharma’s life becomes turbulent? To know all this you have to watch the movie but from the first e to its story about a master and his pet dog.

777 charlie movie analysis:-

So let’s first dissect and analyze the script of this film i.e. story, screenplay and dialogues. Kiranraj K has written both the story and the screenplay of this 777 Charlie film, the story is good. What changes come in the life of a person and that person, how they change, how their nature changes, when a pet dog comes in their life, it has been tried to tell that their story is interesting screenplay It is also very interesting and fast-moving screenplay.

Artist in the first half i.e. actually in the pre-interval portion, there are many light moments, fun moments, on which you will also smile and there will be laughter in many places. Because Dharma is a typical kind of person and his mannerisms make you laugh at his gestures.

777 charlie movie
777 charlie movie

777 charlie movie second half and its Lazy story:-

The drama gets a bit serious in the second half and the comedy gets reduced and this is the biggest minus point of the second half. Another minus point of the second half is that it is too long, drawn on when Dharma and his pet dog are heading towards Snow Camp Mountains. Why are we going, we will not tell you, then that whole journey is very long and there is actually some portion in it, there are some parts which can be cut and removed easily in fact great advantage like dog agility competition.

Now there is no need to show that dog agility competition because it is not that dharma thinks that my dog is exiled or not or it will make my name proud Not there.

All the table sources from Wikipedia
Directed byKiranraj K.
Written byKiranraj K
Produced byG. S. Gupta, Rakshit Shetty
Dialogue byRaj B. Shetty, Abhijit Mahesh
Rakshit Shetty
Sangeetha Sringeri
Raj B. Shetty
Danish Sait
Bobby Simha
CinematographyAravind Kashyap
Edited byPratheek Shetty
Music byNobin Paul
Paramvah Studios
Release date10 June 2022
Running time164 minutes
Box officeest. ₹ 46.4crore (6 days)

777 charlie movie Emotion climax:-

As far as emotion is concerned, before the interval, a weak heart will cry, the hero who is emotional, will cry, and those who have pets will also cry. Goes to Climax. Even in the climax, your tears will come and it is necessary to make special mention of some scenes. Charlie is the name of the dog when Charlie tries to get his master to the hospital. When Dharma takes Charlie to the doctor when Doctor Dharma gives some such news, he is completely shaken when Dharma comes to know something in the climax, that scene is also amazing.

And in the climax, when Charlie says thank you to Dharma, that scene is so wonderful, so great because his buildup starts very early, so there are some scenes that touch the heart straight away. And can even make you cry.

777 charlie movie analysis
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Where can we watch 777 Charlie?:-

777 charlie release date 10 June 2022 (India) so you can 777 charlie watch online on Amazon Prime Video. If you are in India, then you can sign up for an Amazon Prime account (from here) and 777 charlie watch online on Amazon Prime Video there. 777 charlie watche online on Google Play Movies. You can watch 777 Charlie on your computer, phone, or tablet. The movie is available to rent for a few dollars or buy for about $10 from Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

Netflix is a subscription-based video-on-demand service that offers a variety of movies and TV shows. Netflix is available in many countries, and you can 777 charlie watch online with a Netflix account.

Overall, 777 Charlie is a good movie that will keep you entertained for its two-hour runtime. It may not be the best movie ever made, but it definitely has its moments and I enjoyed watching it.

movie dialogue of 777 charlie:-

The film dialogues are of Sanjay Upadhyay and it has to be said that the dialogues are excellent dialogues and also increase the emotional portion of the 777 Charlie film. So this is just a matter of the script.

actors performance of 777 charlie movie:-

Now take a look at the performance of the actors, Rakshit Shetty has done a great job in the role of Dharma. There is not a single scene in which you feel that he is performing under or going over, it means to say that he remains in full tone and makes a very good place for himself in the hearts of the audience.

Charlie who is the dog has also done a great job In fact, Dharma and Charlie i.e. Rakshit Shetty are like dogs and it’s completely to the audience and your heart cries for both of them at different places.

This is also very nice by Sangeeta Singeri in the role of Devi. Rajbir Shetty who has become a Veterinarian, has become a doctor of dogs, his work is very funny and he provides a lot of comic movement Baby Sharvari who has become Dharma’s neighbour Adrika and Baby Sharvari is wonderful in that role. There are many more actors who have done their work in a very good way i.e. this performance or of a very high order. It’s about the actors

The direction of 777 charlie movie:-

Now let’s take a look at Direction and other technical experts. It has to be said about the direction of director Kiranraj that it is very sensitive as much as the sensitivity needed for this type of story is seen in director Kiranraj’s direction. He has taken in very good work from out of his actors am so his narrative style very smooth and very is going.

music of 777 charlie film:-

Nabin Paul’s music is good. The melody song is a Rajasthani-flavored song. Which is excellent, the rest of the songs are also good and when the songs come in the film, one gets a good break. Nobin Paul’s background music is excellent and the impact of the scenes becomes hi-tech due to his background music, Arvind Kashyap’s cinematography is excellent. Excellent cinematography, great location and they are shot equally beautifully.

Action and stunt scenes of 777 charlie movie:-

Vikram More’s action and stunt scenes are good and Prateek Shetty’s editing is sharp, and crisp off course in the middle, especially in the second half, the film bores but that is not because of the editor’s fault. The dubbing is done well so overall 777 Charlie film is a good movie,


It is a film with emotional appeal, but if it will reduce the business according to its merits, then there are two or three reasons for that, one is this dubbed film which has not been promoted very well. Secondly, Rakshit Shetty is a new face for Hindi film Going Audience and due to laptop promotion people will not go in initially off course this film has that potential in this film it is beyond board to increase collection but the border is very much Can grow when the start itself is very weak Yes,

Today the film has a very weak opening, so because of the lack of promotion, because it is dubbed the film and because the hero is not aware of all these reasons, this film will never be able to do as much business as it should have. In fact, it will remain at the box office. One more thing the original Kannada version of this 777 Charlie film, you can be sure will do far better at the box office penal the Hindi dubbed version.

So friends, how was our review of the 777 Charlie film. You will definitely post your common by going to the common section and if you have also seen this film in Hindi or the original Kannada version, then also tell us how you liked the film. Thank You Thank You Take Very Good Care Of Yourself Tata Good Bye.

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