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because it seems like they did learn their lesson with fallen kingdom and not spoiling the entire film in the trailers you know that movie had pretty much.

jurassic world dominion trailers :-

what’s going on guys hope you’re all doing well now for today’s blog we’ve got the second and possibly final trailer for jurassic world dominion that just came out and to say that it was bigger and crazier than the first is an understatement because they actually tease a lot in this thing and not just the trailer itself but the thumbnail we’ve seen this image before but they’ve got the giga fighting the t-rex which actually isn’t in the trailer i thought that was kind of interesting all in all and i am just jumping right into it i’m very impressed with what they’ve been putting out for this movie

learn their lesson with fallen kingdom and revive the entire film in the trailers:-

because it seems like they did learn their lesson with fallen kingdom and not spoiling the entire film in the trailers you know that movie had pretty much every plot beat and detail telegraphed in the commercialization for the film before anybody even saw it and if you were like me going over everything you knew exactly what was about to happen before it had even come up but with jurassic world dominion they’re keeping things pretty close to their chest and just showing us like a

few action set pieces some dinosaur attack scenes and the idea of all of these cast members interacting with each other which is really cool now trailer 2 starts off with an amber universal logo before we cut to owen grady working at his cabin which this is beautiful imagery by the way colin trevaro really has stepped it up from the first jurassic world and other things

The second trailer has been very effective more than the fast trailer:-

because you’ve just got like this much much better looking shot composition and environment to really play with maisy is here they’re chopping wood and then we get this little reveal that blue and beta are also hanging out around where owens built his cabin we already knew that from the first trailer they talk about how it’s kind of impossible for blue to have an offspring but i’m sure that’s going to be something in the plot personally and i said this when the first trailer rolled around i think it has something to do with parthenogenesis which is real it does happen in real life just like the last

xenotransfusions : Trying to create a hybrid animal by tampering with breeding:-

jurassic world movie where they worked in xenotransfusions which if you didn’t know that whole blood transfusion scene between a t-rex and a velociraptor it’s not that far-fetched veterinarians do that kind of stuff all the time with different animal breeds and uh truthfully paleontologically speaking it probably should have been the gallimimus but that was a lot of blood maybe they would have killed it either way i do like that they’re integrating that it’s real science fiction i mean it’s not exactly

100 realistic but i do like that they’re entertaining those ideas and i think that this movie could be the same way with blues offspring now we see that beta gets captured uh after being lured in with a fox kind of reminds me that scene in return of the jedi where chewbacca got trapped but whatever they’ve also got this pretty cool scene where owen grady kind of witnesses them taking the velociraptor and it leads into something really interesting so

jurassic world dominion Poster 1 edited bollywood | tollywood | romantic movie
Data All Data Sources wikipedia
Directed byColin Trevorrow
Screenplay byEmily Carmichael Colin Trevorrow
Story byDerek Connolly Colin Trevorrow
Based onCharacters by Michael Crichton
Produced byFrank Marshall
Patrick Crowley
StarringChris Pratt ,Bryce Dallas Howard ,Sam Neill
CinematographyJohn Schwartzman
Edited byMark Sanger
Music byMichael Giacchino
Production companiesAmblin Entertainment
Distributed byUniversal Pictures
Release datesJune 10, 2022 (United States)
Running time146 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$165 million

raptors all even in Jurassic World Dominion: what together:-

right here blue is pretty upset that her offspring’s been taken and owen is trying to reason with the dinosaur and it it doesn’t exactly go so very well uh he gets bit by blue which i think is pretty cool it’s a good way to not defang the raptors after you’ve had them interacting with human beings one thing i always disliked about the predator movies is that once they started teaming up with humans it kind of made them just less interesting and and really confusing of a species in my opinion the

raptors all even in jurassic world where a lot of people like to say that they’re harmless they rip people to shreds it’s more of like they’re just animals which is much more believable than just the predator thing i like that it bites owen that’s actually a pretty cool uh pretty cool thing they’ve integrated here and i don’t think she’s gonna jump on him and kill him but uh i do like the fact that he does not have complete control over an animal

the modern world these ankylosaurus here:-

after that we’ve got this really cool reveal of a quetzalcoatlus making a nest on top of a gigantic building this is just beautiful imagery again colin trevorrow’s outdone himself it looks like this movie is a combination of all the previous jurassic park locales times 10 with more city stuff and exotic environments i’ve got the scene where ellie sattler is arriving on scene we’ve got the mosasaurus attacking the cage dr wu

talks about something being a terrible mistake to maisy uh so he’s probably going to be in a much more sympathetic light than the other films are he’s never a legitimate true villain i always thought he was just very misguided he’s more ambition driven than really moral grandstanding but here it looks like something is about to change i also like the fact that we’ve got just all these scenes with dinosaurs interacting in the modern world these ankylosaurus here

jurassic world dominion beautiful reveal of the demon carnotaurus which is coming out:-

i don’t know what exactly happens with these gallimimus but a lot a lot of us have been seeing the part where the pseudoceratops hits the souped up jeep thing there’s also a sinoceratops there and i’m pretty sure there’s trikes in the background too so maybe they were housing all of these dinosaurs in a similar location because they’re kind of adjacent species and they all get out and it’s not going to look too good for the people but we’ve got that stuff going on with ian malcolm ellie sattler and dr grant talking about a doomsday clock

about to be out mamadou athy is also with them in the background i’m not sure exactly what they’re talking about here but it probably has something to do with you know obviously the dinosaurs all over the place then we’ve got this beautiful reveal of the demon carnotaurus which is coming out with the uh allosaurus that we saw earlier owen is doing what owen does best and then we’ve got something really cool so the reveal of the atrociraptors and it doesn’t look like these guys are in control because they’ve got their guns drawn the atrocious raptors are going to be really interesting to see how they handle them personally

not use velociraptors in this jurassic world dominion movie:-

i think it would have been cooler if they were the velociraptors that we saw in earlier jurassic park movies because they’re the same size or i mean they might be a little bit bigger or smaller but they do look really really similar you can tell that they’ve given them the same color patterns as the ones from the lost world in jurassic park 3. but yeah this is a pretty cool scene where they’re unleashed so to speak i don’t know if they’re about to kill these guys but they do have their guns drawn like

something crazy is about to happen and it’s just it’s always cool to see raptors being intimidating like they’re going to tear someone apart after that we’ve got this cool chase we’ve seen this in other trailers before it’s just more shots of the atraza raptors and claire fighting back and it looks like a really entertaining scene probably evoking something of the venice chase from indiana jones the last crusade which colin has been on record to say that he is a

big amblin guy and you can see that more indiana jones influencing the jurassic world side of the franchise but then you’ve got this great extended part where this dude gets yeted off of a scooter and killed by an allosaurus

beautiful imagery of all the dinosaurs:-

i thought that was a pretty cool moment it’s another holy thing now then we’ve got this beautiful imagery of all the dinosaurs around some sort of burning environment almost like the cretaceous era extinction this also reminds me of the end of the jurassic park novel which was the death of easel and nublar i mean i know that happened in the last movie but look at these animals here i think we’ve got dreadnoughtus or apatosaurs we’ve got a lot of different species in the water triceratops

brachiosaurs and everything’s just burning around them that is really cool jurassic park imagery that we haven’t gotten too much of even the last movie they just kind of went over the edge of a cliff this looks really insane insane and intense which leads to mamadou athy and claire deering ellie everyone else kind of standing around and talking about how they’re going to deal with this whole situation

part one:-

i do love the fact that ian malcolm is in a position where he is more of like a uh an expert than we’ve really seen him in for the last few movies even in jurassic park 3 doesn’t even show up so it’s cool to have him here he is proper serious kind of more like lost worldy malcolm in my opinion and from there we’ve got like another gorgeous shot of this vehicle going over a bunch of snow this jurassic park movie is so different from anything they’ve made it’s pretty cool man it looks like we’re going like hardcore serious and interesting

when it comes to the plot i’m sure there’s humor in there too as there is in this trailer pretty good humor too it’s got ian malcolm kind of joking with chris pratt about the fact that he made a promise to a dinosaur and i do love the imagery of owen having a baby raptor like strapped to his back while he’s holding a gun it’s just insane jurassic world awesomeness in my opinion now malcolm actually tries to like get the giganotosaurus is a tension with a weapo with like a fire at the end of a stick or something right here

i wonder if they’re gonna kill him off like he died in the book i kind of hope they don’t

not like a complete villain type role:-

because i want to see more of them but if they were ever going to get rid of one of these characters it would probably be him although colin trevarro look dude he’s pretty much showing lucasfilm and star wars how to properly end a franchise i think so he’s probably not gonna do that anyways we’ve got other stuff we’ve seen in the other trailers before we’ve got dewanda wise telling us to brace for impact for this quetzalcoatlus and then another reveal of the pyro raptor diving into water and

swimming i don’t really know what to think about that i’ll have to ask some paleontology friends whether or not that’s something that could happen of course it’s a clone it’s not a real animal from the cretaceous or jurassic but it does look very interesting it’s almost like swimming like any other bird would so it is pretty interesting that it would do so although this is like a

freezing environment so it’s probably not the smartest idea for this dinosaur to do either way it does make for incredibly original and interesting imagery then of course we’ve got stuff like this just giant cast reveal and we’ve even got dr henry wu here with some sort of device or equipment that he’s holding on to with all the other cast around him so it looks like he is not like a complete villain type role

in this film we’ve got alan grant saying that gigonatosaurus is the biggest carnivore to ever walk the earth which is a similar like thing that went down in jurassic park 3 where they talked about the spinosaurus so that’s a pretty cool illusion and then we’ve got the scene where the giga just straight up attacks a high-rise like a laboratory sort of situation it looks pretty intense like it’s grabbing at people i don’t know if it’s gonna kill it maybe it would kill dr wu uh because we know that he does have some sort of he his death in the book needs to be fulfilled

i would have thought that raptors would have done him in but we’re gonna have to see what exactly goes down here all of it’s played pretty straight pretty intense actually reminds me a lot of dino crisis and they even work in some good chris pratt humor when the giga comes in for one final attack and it is just like dino crisis where the t-rex kind of like pushes its head into the window after regina’s just found the guy that works for the company all of this is pretty cool man

good or bad aspact of jurassic world dominion:

i’m loving the special effects i’m loving the humor that’s mixed with a more serious and uh globally staked plot i think jurassic world dominion is pretty awesome and again i’m very happy that they haven’t spoiled the whole thing in trailers you know it’s really interesting to see how the first jurassic world which came out damn near 10 years ago unfolded its trilogy in comparison to other trilogies and franchises over the last few years i really think they’ve got something with this i like that they haven’t given away the entire you know story so even for me that’s someone that’s glued into all this stuff and is trying to decipher what

exactly is going on for you guys it’s cool that i’m not incredibly like spoiled from start to finish and i don’t want to be spoiled from start to finish i think jurassic world dominion is looking awesome and i think that this is going to be hopefully if it’s successful and not you know a poorly written mess or some sort of terrible product i think it’s going to be the movie that actually solidifies the jurassic world and jurassic park franchise in

general as the juggernaut that it is we all we all kind of know it is normal people that don’t live on the internet like freaks they already know the jurassic park franchise is really big they know that the sequel hate that goes around everywhere isn’t as intense in real life and i think that you know there’s more people that like

if possible in web series of jurassic world dominion:-

these movies than you would think not just the first film kind of all of them with that being said if this movie is really good and if they knock it out of the park i don’t think colin trevaro is gonna stick around because he’s gonna want to make other movies and i don’t know man it looks like they’ve opened up the door for a lot of cool stuff i don’t want to see them really just destroy the franchise by running it into the ground

with sequel after sequel which is why i’ve opted for you know i think it’s a better idea to do a tv series after this but if this is really good if this lives up to the trailers you know that other people are gonna want more and i think as long as they can come up with a story that isn’t terrible i would love for capitalism to run wild and make as much jurassic

park stuff as possible this film series is an interesting one because they’ve always tried to like get their footing in a proper place before they really commit to something the only time they didn’t was jurassic park 3 and that was because of screenplay issues while they were filming so it’s an understandable casualty but all in all the first jurassic world movie man there’s not there’s nothing like that in cinema right now that movie is devoid of any ridiculous bashing you over-the-head

political message that movie’s about traditionalism family man vs nature greed ambition run amok genetic stuff from the first jurassic park film it’s got really charismatic characters it’s a fun time at the movies and dude if they can pull this one off as well and they’ll book in their jurassic world trilogy is this really fun indiana jones jurassic park mashup with a ton of cool expansions from the michael crichton material i’m stoked i

i’m really i’m i’m really really optimistic and i hope that they pull it off because seeing alan grant ellie sattler and ian malcolm with owen and claire while there’s dinosaurs all over the planet in this big sprawling adventure and uh this feels very 1990s it feels very fun and it reminds me of all the stuff that i you know really got in a

jurassic park for i’m excited yeah that’s about all i’ve got to say guys now that’s just my own opinion so whatever your own thoughts on jurassic world dominion and the second trailer happen to be i’d love to hear all about the man and what you think the series could do in the future by the way in the comments down below now before i go i’d like to thank all of my game wardens and engine

executives as well as all of my park workers and engine hunters as well you’ve all helped my channel immensely and i’m incredibly grateful for all of that support now i’d like to thank you all for watching today’s blog and hope that you enjoyed the content if you feel like i deserve it i’d appreciate the comments and hope that you all consider subscribing i’ll see you on the next blog guys and as always take it easy.

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