Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Trailer best Review & Can It Revive The Bollywood Box Office

remade films bhool bhulaiyaa 2: one of the most remade films in indian cinema is the 1993 malayalam film mani chitratar a film starring mohanlal and shobhna.

remade films bhool bhulaiyaa 2:

one of the most remade films in indian cinema is the 1993 malayalam film mani chitratar a film starring mohanlal and shobhna. is often bhool bhulaiyaa 2 talked about in popular culture regarding the effective synergy it created in balancing genres of comedy and horror and how its impact was so much that producers from different states felt it would connect in other languages when akshay kumar was at

his comedic peak in the mid 2000s and his collaborations with priya darshan and anis basmi were generating incessant laughter in theaters bhulbulaya also guaranteed the same and more.


Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Trailer star cust:

I remember being in school when i watched bulba and not knowing the original source material i was shocked at the effective storytelling the hilarious performances of actors like akshay kumar and raj palyada and especially the demonic presence that vidya balan showcased as manjulika this since the mid-2000s has been clear in the minds of trade experts of

hindi cinema that if there is a genre done with conviction it generates almost a guaranteed hit in theaters and that is the horror comedy genre you look at the reaction of movies like golmaal against three or even bhutan there is a communal viewing that these films guarantee that actually urge audiences to go with their peers and experience. the jump scares and gags together before i even get to the trailer of bhool bhulaiyaa 2.

This data source waswikipedia
Directed byAnees Bazmee
Written byFarhad Samji
Aakash Kaushik(Dialogues)
Screenplay byAakash Kaushik
Story byAakash Kaushik
Produced byBhushan Kumar
Murad Khetani
Krishan Kumar
StarringKartik Aaryan
Kiara Advani
CinematographyManu Anand
Edited byBunty Nagi
Music bySandeep Shirodkar
Tanishk Bagchi
ProductionT-Series Films
companiesCine1 Studios
Distributed byAA Films
Release date20 May 2022

some good or bad aspact of my view of trailer Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2:

I just wanted to state a few reasons why i’m worried about this bhool bhulaiyaa 2 film from the onset.

number one

it is just another edition of the franchise model in bollywood that does not care about expanding the world already established and starts off with new characters and a world not in any way correlated to the celebrated first film bhool bhulaiyaa 2.

number two

other than its most popular element the spirit of (bhool bhulaiyaa 2 )manjulika number two it doesn’t hold on to the original director priya darshan and hands off the reigns of the franchise to anis basmi who has had a terrible run with films lately with disasters like pagalpanti and welcome back even a franchise like welcome to be ruined so awfully with its second installment was such a travesty making me think that if basmi can ruin a product he himself made famous will he really have the ability to invest us with a property that he has just been handed over number

ab505ma8 bhool bhuliyaa 2 625x300 23 April 22 edited bollywood | tollywood | romantic movie
number three

a fan page on twitter justifiably stated that every famous akshay kumar movie from the mid 2000’s that has had a new installment have been disastrous did welcome back or even namaste england is bhulvulaya 2 going to change that trend or will history repeat itself.

number four

it’s never a good sign when you see that the film has been written by farad samji i just associate cringe dialogues with the man and there’s no two ways about it by the way the first film screenplay was designed by niraj vora the man behind most of the comedy success stories of the mid-2000s coming to the trailer rather than the individual approach for dealing with the issue of the haunted house being a doctor

like the original karthikaryan seems to be a medium who can communicate with spirits his name being credited as baba i wonder whether the character actually has the ability to interact with spirits or is a poser and is working a racket-like business just to take advantage of superstitious people like the duo booth police set in rajasthan.

spirit causes and how Kartik Aaryan deals with the eccentric characters:

the spirits of manjulika seem to have returned and are causing havoc in this palatial household taboo’s character being the only one who really understands the massive threat the spirit causes and how karthikaryan deals with the eccentric characters and the mayhem she causes may presumably be the premise of this movie trade experts and critics were given a screening of

the bhool bhulaiyaa 2 film’s trailer and were raving about it on how the humor in the trailer seems impeccable and how everyone will fall in love with karthikaryan’s dance moves exaggeration aside i wasn’t fully convinced that this movie is going to deliver in all fronts and one should manage their expectations as this is a genre that has a very thin line between cringe and hilariou:

Kiara Advani role as a Lakshmi as playing a romantic interest :manjulika:

i feared that kiara advani would be wasted in this film just like lakshmi as playing the romantic interest just acting out reactionary shots in the movie but they’ve incorporated her getting possessed which made me laugh rather than develop an iota fear within me to channelize the same demonic presence that vidya balan did with

the first hindi film is extremely tough and rather than having a glimpse of that performance the moment just seemed like an extension of the underwhelming durga mati with bhumi pedneker it’s sad the projects that kiara is saying yes to just being in the commercial space versus challenging herself and delivering abu seems to be the only understated and effective performer in this universe.

How can bhool bhulaiyaa 2 give competition to bhool bhulaiyaa 2 ?:

who might contribute to engaging us in the drama but that’s too much pressure on a capable actor trying to save a sinking ship in which mostly people are hamming their way through the running minutes the gag other than the one delivered by the little kid did not really make me hysterically laugh or get genuinely excited for this movie karthikaryan in the comedy genre has made a name for himself and i have thoroughly enjoyed some of

his performances in several of those ventures but the pressure with this film is extremely high for one to deliver in the box office and to two even come close to the effective performances especially that of akshay kumar rajpal yadav and sanjay mishra’s the comedic relief may provide some respite but i did not see a moment of them being the saving grace for this movie just comedic actors handed punchline after punchline wishing and praying audiences laugh their heart out i hope the film delivers in the horror front at least and in explaining the reason why manjulica may have returned to haunt these people in this mansion.

my thoughts bhool bhulaiyaa 2 trailer is not next level:

i only loved arijit’s voice utilized for the trailer and the demonic laugh that echoed in the conclusion it doesn’t really say much about the entire trailer because i’m more skeptical about this project than thoroughly excited the expectations and pressure this film has in delivering what the 2007 hindi film bhool bhulaiyaa did so well is an uphill battle in itself and the trailer doesn’t really give good signs in it matching the same quality i’ve been desperate for horror movies in hindi cinema.

compared to bollywood horror movie and hollywood movie:

that genuinely make you jump off your seat and make you squint your eye anticipating the dread ahead we have been subjected to absolute duds in the genre for quite some time where bull bowl and street delivered in some fronts there hasn’t been anything as effective as tombard and i don’t want to exceed my expectations

of course in any way remotely thinking that something of that quality can be recreated so fast but you know what i’m talking about right the excitement to head for a movie like hereditary the insidious or conjuring franchise or something even as eccentric as mid-summer screw that even games like resident evil village and the reactions that are generated with its inventive and spooky treatment.

my request for the blog: bhool bhulaiyaa 2

what happened to the horror genre in hindi cinema and why it became such a dying medium is another topic to be explored entirely and that was the blog guys write down in the comments below what you thought about the trailer please don’t forget to follow me on instagram the handles are in front of you follow me. thank you for watching.

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