Black Adam hidden story Breakdown and release 2022

After delaying DC Family, he gave the trailer of Black Adam and black adam movie release date. As I expected, the trailer is the same, nor does it reveal much and keeps the excitement going. Now as DC transfer is taking place, the trailer also has the limits of comedy, above all, the charisma of the rock which makes it an entertainer, so let’s dive into the breakdown without further delay.

Black Adam Official Trailer review:-

In the first part of the trailer, the aircraft is shown and from the next few shots, it is known that the Justice Society of America travels from someone. Although there was no such ship in the comic, Justice League had a Justice League cruiser, so it could be inspired from there. In the next shot, we see Black Adam carrying his body. And it is kept in a container, you can see words like container, fluid, and cryo solution written here,

which you can say is done to keep someone’s body in hibernation form. Now guess here, five thousand years ago today Slave Black Adam died. Then its body was recovered from the frozen area where this ship was going, stored for so many years, its body was not decomposed and probably it will be immortal in some way as it was in the comics.

how to convert adam to black adam:-

Now I will explain a little about how immortal, for which we have to turn the pages of comics, then see what happened at that time slavery used to run in the ancient city named Kahndaq. At the same time, Adam lived with his family and nephew Aman. {not this mind it was another mind} Then there were a few events after which Adam and Aman reached the Rock of Eternity where they got the wizard Shazam, while the wizard who gave Cat Batson superpowers,

then the wizard also gave both of them his super powers After getting the butt power, Aman wanted to keep the peace but Adam wanted to take the custom of his family, for which he killed his nephew and became Black adam and from here his journey of revenge started.

black adam
black adam

How the Wizard Captured Black Adam:-

Then did the wizard know about it? After which he captures Black Adam by stabilizing him. Hides her power in an ancient necklace. So you must have understood how did the black end become stable? By the way, a teaser was also released two years ago in which a purple stone was shown, which I think will be the replacement of the ancient necklace, it will be the source of its power. I’ll come in a while first let’s talk a little bit more about black adam so similar to the comic book we are shown his origin here too how he was a slave in kahndaq city,

Wikipedia dataAll the table sources from Wikipedia
Directed byJaume Collet-Serra
Written byAdam Sztykiel, Rory Haines
Sohrab Noshirvani
Based onCharacters from DC
Produced byBeau Flynn, Dwayne Johnson
Hiram Garcia, Dany Garcia
StarringDwayne Johnson, Aldis Hodge
Noah Centineo, Sarah Shahi
Marwan Kenzari, Quintessa Swindell
Bodhi Sabongui,Pierce Brosnan
CinematographyLawrence Sher
Edited byJohn Lee, Michael L. Sale
ProductionDC Films
companiesNew Line Cinema
Seven Bucks Productions
Distributed byWarner Bros. Pictures
Release dateOctober 21, 2022 (United States)
CountryUnited States

Something Has Changed From Black Adam Comics:-

But most of the story has been changed, here it seems from his words that his son gave his life to save him. Then had died eventually and was reborn in a way with the powers of the wizard. Even in the comic book, when the wizard was giving his super powers to Aman and Adam, then Adam was almost dead and due to the wizard, he was able to survive and in a way, he had a rebirth there too, so yes there is little inspiration from there but the whole story has been changed.

So till now if I guess, the black Adam‘s body that has been found came to his senses, then he went to find a purple stone for his power. In this scene, he got that purple stone and it is completely black and proper transfer. Gaya brother, I can only do this much case in such a fan, I am not a scriptwriter.

black adam trailer
black adam

Justice Society of America in Black Adam movie:-

Now let’s move on to the Justice Society of America, then the Justice Society of America has Doctor Fate, Hawkman, Atom Smasher, Cyclone ad obviously Black Adam. You can see Hoffman jumping from an aircraft in the trailer here, on the right is Doctor Fate, and on the left is the Atom Smasher,

Coming to Hoffman first, this character denial was of an ancient Pharaoh Khufu. By denial, I mean that it has rebirth in different generations and that’s about its powers, so obviously it has powers like the Ancient Egyptian God. And also some Ancient weapons.

Here we also see the Atom Smasher, everyone must have come to know that its superpowers are like the aunt man of marble, meaning it can make its size bigger and smaller. I am sure that you must be getting a question here about that brother who copied whom, so don’t worry, I will tell you with full facts. Ant-Man was introduced in Marble Comics five years before Atom Smasher, meaning yes, in a way, Atom Smasher is a copy of Ant-Man.

black adam trailer
black adam trailer

But look, don’t be overjoyed here because the next character is Doctor Fate, he has formed the Justice Society of America and his powers are derived from the Ancient Egyptian Pyramid and this power is exactly like Doctor Strange as you see in the trailer. Will have noticed. Brother this is clearly a mirror dimensional effect, but who copied whom here? So DC introduced this character in the comics twenty-three years before Doctor’s Strange, meaning twenty-three years ago, so yes you can understand that copy paste marble DC both keep doing it with each other. And they don’t have any issues.

This is where we have been shown another member of the Justice Society of America, Cyclone, using his power in the film Bloody, now look, as many details about the actor are not available yet. And it is difficult to remove. The scene was introduced in Twenty Twenty itself, but today such effects were shown here, I remembered Mysterio, so yes it was the Justice Society of America’s member ad his details.

After this in the trailer we are shown a few action scenes in a city Literally it’s hard to tell where this is going but mine will be a new city built on top of the Ancient City moat, whose Black adam is captured again. would want to do. Hoffman speaks here that Heroes don’t kill people to which Black Adam responds, I kill which is clearly set up Black adam’s character is the anti-hero who was also expected,

Justice Society of America vs Black Adam:-

So yes, after five thousand years, when Black Adam regains consciousness and finds the Justice Society of America, a group of superheroes, he will join them and become their member, but obviously, their ideology will not match where Justice Society of America superheroes on one side. The team will not kill anyone, they will try to save everyone, everyone knows what Black Adam will do. So we are sure that Black Adam and Justice Society will fight with each other and the entire team will be against Black Adam, after which this character will be set up as such a proper villain.

After this, we are also shown a funny sequence, but interestingly, these two characters behind it, its name is Amat Tumax, this character is Adia Tumax. In the comics, Black Adam’s wife and love interest, yes, they are each other’s siblings. So you must have guessed by surname.

Doctor Fate’s Prophecy Over Black Adam trailer:-

Here Doctor Fate speaks that his vision has shown him the future. Black adam have two choices, whether he will be the Destroyer of the World or the Savior. And obviously, everyone knows that brother will become the destroyer? And yes it is also confirmed that Doctor Fit can also see the future like Doctor Strange, that too without the time stone.

kahndaq city in black adam trailer:-

I found this city in the trailer interesting because if you can see a statue of Black Adam here, yes it will also be of the New City built on top of the Ancient City moat. And maybe escalation will be going on in the city from where the ancient things are coming out, this is the pay and hotter we were shown another action scene in a funny way in which you can see adia tumax ain for sure black adam here for the first time new Is facing the word otherwise does not see a missile with such curiosity.

black adam release date in india
black adam release date in india

So yes this scene will happen after this scene and here is another very interesting detail you can see Siruta Electronics written on his van and Siruta which is it used to be the capital of kahndaq city now scene now Siruta word at a present time If it is used then it can happen that still the name of the city is kahndaq from ancient time so yes man it was my break down. The good thing is that the entire story has not been revealed in this trailer, just a basic plot has been revealed.

Conclusion black adam trailer:-

Do hope that this basic plot may not be the whole story, but Doing Johnson is perfect in the role of Black adam, after that you will hardly be able to imagine any other actor in this role, how did you like this trailer? Must do blog comments and if I have missed something, then tell that too, to know the comic book story of Black adam and read the above blog and to see some random ones I will hear again in another blog story.

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