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Big cybercriminals say to work with criminal Laila, then emptying the safes of others is the game of Laila’s left hand. Both the songs of Ilu Ilu are quite famous, but then what is the hidden secret twist in the story, due to which Laila and Bablu become the biggest enemies of each other’s life.

Heropanti 2 review:-

You must know this creature very well that jaadu is the debt of our childhood, now you are charged with 5 hours in the scorching hot sun. There is no picture coming in my mind, I should help, look here carefully, look at all of us, the love of our beloved parents, the jaadu of the star of the eyes.

Good news, you know, jaadu has got the film, hey acting degree was written big, it was not student of the year, it just worked, Heropanti 2 film, which no one was waiting for, that film final has been released. Some useless unemployed people like me, wasting their time even more, have come to see them. bollywood

4 golden letters of Heropanti 2 Movie:-

You must have heard about three gold latest, I love you if you are lucky, then you must have told someone but what do you think about 4 gold latest, never tell what you are talking, let me tell you now, you are a little girl. Kya Dekho Yaar Kahani Bablu Ki Hai Banda is a genius of the computer world and because of this talent, he gets a chance.

moral story of Heropanti 2 Movie:-

Big cybercriminals say to work with criminal Laila, then emptying the safes of others is the game of Laila’s left hand. Both the songs of Ilu Ilu are quite famous, but then what is the hidden secret twist in the story, due to which Laila and Bablu become the biggest enemies of each other’s life.

wrong way of Heropanti 2 Movie :-

If one wants to live then the other will have to die, just changed from here, the emotion changed, life changed because look, both Bablu and Laila have a connection, what is the fight from computer to the fight, what is the logic of the director sir behind this The NASA people are currently finding out about this, maybe they can get something, although I also have a poetry like Tiger Shroff can act as a stuntman in real life,

then Bablu is an action hero and does not even pretend to be a hacker. In childhood, we did not give doctor doctor, just like Tiger brother is growing up and playing actor actor, if I speak the truth as soon as the fight started, I felt that the name of the director is Tony Kakkar(bollywood), not Ahmed Khan(bollywood), one word would have made a complete song. Here Tiger Shroff ends the whole film by showing his body, he has the same talent.

worstest acting by Tiger Shroff in Heropanti 2 Movie in bollywood :-

Look year, the first letter in the name of some things is silent, not like K in knife but the whole acting is silent in the acting of Tiger Shroff, neither A nor C, the acting is completely missing. Baaki Express Ke To Kiya Kehne Sad Ho Romantic Be Comedy Ho Action Scenes All seem synonymous to each other Finding a single difference, if you believe that my father has a lot of shirts in his wardrobe and the view looks like this,

now I am you Let me tell you that you will ask to wear a bike with a bike, which is the only question you will have to ask Tiger, all the expressions of the guy are like white shirts, we action is good but we do not pay to watch WWE matches, nor that too one Two or let’s go on three films,

it seems boring again and again on repeat mode, it is a simple thing that you write in front of the title, no film becomes a sequel and Heropanti and this new one in CHUTY in both. The difference is as much as Neha Dhupia and Esha Deol will have a little more than this, the story is absolutely crying acting 001 logic, she has gone to the poor minus, it will take you a full hours to find the head and feet of the film.

All data sourceswikipedia
Directed byAhmed Khan
Written byRajat Arora
Story bySajid Nadiadwala
Produced bySajid Nadiadwala
StarringTiger Shroff ,Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Tara Sutaria
CinematographyKabir Lal
Music byA. R. Rahman
ProductionNadiadwala Grandson
Distributed byAA Films
Release date29 April 2022
Running time142 minutes

Other role in Heropanti 2 Movie:-

Think how toxic those films will be in which Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s(bollywood) talent in the sector also disappeared, he made the guy a desi look, but the actor snatched everything from him, leave everything else, I did not think that the day could come when AR The music of Rahman’s career started bleeding while listening to Rahman’s songs(bollywood), all these songs should be left out of the way as soon as listening to the horn of a train, by mistake listening for a long time,

neither the brain will burst, noise noise noise Noise Pollution By now you must have come to know that people are calling this film lousy, why brother, just how good is such a date, come find more good words for it, a death does not come to everyone and after watching it come back to caste No. You guys will die from the theater and there is no other way to exit.

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Tara Sutaria (Inaaya)acting in Heropanti 2 Movie bollywood:-

If there is a slight doubt about this, then see the gate in the music video of Tara Sitara’s(bollywood) dialogue Sholay trailer, now both eyes and ears will go into coma, look for life time boss is very simple thing to make you popular. For this, not the music of the actor director, just the dialogue should be resorted to, which is ridiculed fiercely.

Is Heropanti 2 Movie good or Bad film in 2022 bollywood :-

If you go, then understand what level of content your mind is going to see in the theater for 2 hours, just a good thing, the makers of films have already shown you the whole film in the first 3 minute trailer, that too two trailers. Don’t have to keep suspense, why go to the theater now, on seeing the spectacle of your death, you will get zero out of five by my side.

One point will be deducted from Heropanti 2 Movie bollywood :- Even poor Nawaz sir was also ruined for very poor acting.
Second point will be deducted from Heropanti 2 Movie bollywood:- After listening to the superfluous music of legends like AR Rahman, my condition has become like your name.
Third point will be deducted from Heropanti 2 Movie bollywood:- Absolutely worn out story which has nothing to do with words like logic and sense.
Fourth point will be deducted from Heropanti 2 Movie bollywood:- For brutally killing information of expression. And

Fifth point will be deducted from Heropanti 2 Movie bollywood:-

After talking so much for wasting my precious time for 2 hours, a hint is enough to the wise that how is the film, for those who still do not understand, only one question for them is a little girl, have I liked anything in the rest of the blog or if I have to complain? I will replay you on comment. Otherwise wait a little bit I will fix all issue in next blog..

Cast of from Heropanti 2 Movie :-

(bollywood)Tiger Shroff as Babloo Ranawat
(bollywood)Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Laila
(bollywood)Tara Sutaria as Inaaya
(bollywood)Zakir Hussain
(bollywood)Amrita Singh as Babloo’s mother
(bollywood)Naresh Gosai as Dogra
Kecha as Wong
Oliver as Zahid Malik
Vikas Verma as Ustad
Udayabhanu Maheshwaran as Hussain
Mark Smith as Mark
Sajjad Delafrooz as Ranjit Shenoy
Saharsh Kumar Shukla as Babloo’s Friend
Kanwalpreet Singh as Babloo’s Friend
Nikul Bhupinder Singh Sachdev as Babloo’s Friend
Pankaj Kansara assnh miBabloo’s Friend
Navneet Malik as Inaaya’s Boyfriend
Kriti Sanon Special appearance in song “Whistle Baja 2.0”

Music of from Heropanti 2 Movie:-
The film’s music was composed by A.R. Rehman(bollywood) while lyrics were written by Mehboob.

Track listing
No. Title Singer(s) Length

  1. “Dafa Kar” A.R. Rehman, Hiral Viradia 3:59
  2. “Jalwanuma” Pooja Tiwari, Javed Ali 3:45
  3. “Miss Hairan” Tiger Shroff, Nisa Shetty 3:34
  4. “Whistle Baja 2.0” Mika Singh, Neeti Mohan 2:48
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