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Jugjugg Jeeyo is a family drama. Kuku and Naina i.e. Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani are married. It’s been five years since they got married but now their marriage is on the rocks i.e. they are thinking of divorce.

Is Karan Johar’s film Jugjugg Jeeyo which Raaz Mehta directed for him? Raaz Mehta’s first film which was made only for Karan Johar will spread the good news at the box office like good news Hello friends, welcome to www.movieproreview.com blog, you must have understood, in this blog post we are going to review, release in theatres today The movie Jugjugg Jeeyo.

Jugjugg Jeeyo is a family drama. Kuku and Naina i.e. Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani are married. It’s been five years since they got married but now their marriage is on the rocks i.e. they are thinking of divorce. They come to India from Canada because Kuku’s younger sister is married to Ginni. Ginni i.e. Prajakta Kohli but before this, Kuku should tell his mom and dad i.e. Neetu Kapoor and Anil Kapoor that they are interested in Divorce. His wife and his divorce are about to happen.

His father i.e. Bhim i.e. Anil Kapoor surprises him by saying I am going to give divorce to your mother. That is, Anil Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor are going to get divorced and the sister who is going to get married is also not happy with this relationship. But she is confused about whether she is getting married to the boy, whether to do it with her or with her ex-boyfriend i.e. in this whole family, everyone has some problem regarding the relationship and there is a big problem. So what happens after that, you will see in this Jugjugg Jeeyo film.

Jugjugg Jeeyo film script:-

Let’s first analyze the script of this Jugjugg Jeeyo film i.e. story, screenplay and dialogues have been written by Anurag Singh. Screenplay meanwhile Rishabh Sharma, Anurag Singh, Sumit Bhatija with Additional City by Neeraj Udhwani and Dialogues of Rishabh Sharma is unique, interesting and keeps the audience really hooked from beginning to end. Because it’s an unusual news story very unique story and so you don’t know in which direction it will take a turn and hence the story is good, interesting, engaging, let’s talk screenplay Rishabh Sharma, Anurag Singh, Sumit Bhatija with extra simply By Neeraj Godwani his screenplay you as if confused.

After watching the film Jugjugg Jeeyo, it seems that the building has been erected, but the foundation did not bring the same. Because first of all you are told that Kuku and Naina’s marriage is on break, that is, these two are on divorce, but you do not know why there was a rift between them ultimately? What is tension? What is the reason slowly comes to know but you to no other story quantity similarly Bhim tells his son i.e. Anil Kapoor to his son Varun Dhawan that I am going to take a divorce from your mother but we don’t know why taking divorce.

Means to say that the differences between both have been established only through dialogues, while there is no scene to sustain Watson’s knowledgeable scenes, what is the difference for, there is a rift, then only if there is a day, what is the difference for, what is the difference, something I don’t know, in a scene, Anil Kapoor tells his son that wives take away food from the mouth, but you know that there is nothing like this because Neetu Kapoor is not such a wife and later Anil Kapoor says that in my life Love had disappeared, I am hungry for love, thirsty for love, then the wife snatches the morsel from the mouth, what happened?

Jugjugg Jeeyo film
Jugjugg Jeeyo film

Similarly, going ahead, Neetu Kapoor also tells her daughter-in-law i.e. Naina ie Kiara Advani that I am also tired and I also want a divorce, want a divorce. saying to do? And frankly, when Neetu Kapoor is trying to save her daughter-in-law and her son’s marriage, she talks about her own divorce, it seems a bit weird.

Actually, the biggest thing is that all the four people who are Divorce parties don’t want to know that they don’t even try to know what is the problem. That is, what is the problem with the rest of the three that they want, this divisive drama is a bit weird. Of course, it doesn’t mean that there are no plus points in the screenplay plus point is for a like movement there is plenty of light moments that don’t make you laugh. But there are many light things in which you also get laughter and in some scenes, there is a lot of laughter, you are openly laughing.

But the story of one divorce in fact the story of two divorces and such films did not fill your heart, you did not cry anymore, if you did not cry bitterly, then comedy alone does not make a difference. And the drawback of this screenplay is if the emotional scenes don’t touch my heart funnier a scene where Geeta ie Neetu Kapoor meets Meera ie Anil Kapoor’s girlfriend in the presence of their entire family and tells her something to make the audience cry in that scene. Should have come, the audience should have been divided,

Jugjugg Jeeyo
Jugjugg Jeeyo film
WikipediaAll the table sources from Wikipedia
Directed byRaj Mehta
Written byRishhabh Sharrma
Screenplay byAnurag Singh
Sumit Batheja
Neeraj Udhwani
Story byAnurag Singh
Produced byHiroo Yash Johar
Karan Johar
Apoorva Mehta
StarringNeetu Kapoor
Anil Kapoor
Varun Dhawan
Kiara Advani
Jay I. Patel
Edited byManish More
Music byTanishk Bagchi
Kanishk Seth – Kavita Seth
Vishal Shelke

Dharma Productions
Viacom18 Studios
Distributed byViacom18 Studios
Release date24 June 2022
Running time150 minutes
Budget₹85 cr
Box officeest. ₹66.95 

But nothing like this happens, even Anil Kapoor, his husband, does not know how to cry, then there is a family court scene, in the first scene, Neetu Kapoor talks about Anil Kapoor, he should have started crying. After that the marriage of Kuku and Naina i.e. Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani is talked about, even in that, you do not have to cry. And in every scene where one or more of the characters are crying and you don’t know how to be an audience report card in Raid Mark because you think I’m not crying, why are they crying? there are some characters about which you get confused.

There is a scene where Kuku tells his wife Nehra why are you trying to get my parents divorced? My parents are very happy, after a few minutes, Kuku shouts and shouts mother, you have to give divorce to this man. So how do you think the character is? Similarly, you do not understand that Kuku loves his father very much, hates, respects does not understand anything.

Similarly in the end when you get up and get ready to go home, you don’t know whether you are going happy or sad because you don’t know what will happen at the end of Bhim and Geeta i.e. Anil Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor? Will their marriage survive? And even if she survives, you do not know that Anil Kapoor has improved, has not improved and he is a bad man, a bad man, who does not understand anything. Talking about bad and bad facts, it is necessary to mention here that there is a scene where Geeta tells her daughter-in-law Naina that I realized after four days of marriage that I have done this marriage wrong.

Jugjugg Jeeyo film
Jugjugg Jeeyo film

I should not have married this person, but the audience asks for the answer that after all, what did you see, explain it, was it written on his face that this is a flirt? And how to flirt in the film Jugjugg Jeeyo? Because such audiences are convinced that Bhima is involved in an extra-marital affair for the first time in thirty-five years, then what did they see on his face after four days?

So there are many such scenes where the audience does not understand and through the dialogue, you will prove so many things that is why the building has been erected but it is Foundation Week. Off course like I said earlier also comedy scenes are very good but emotional scenes are not written very well. Sumit Bhatija’s dialogues and funny dialogues are funny, they are funny, and they also have laughter, but the dialogues which are dramatic melodramatic emotional scenes, their dialogues are just fine with the script.

Jugjugg Jeeyo Film Actors performance:-

Let’s have a look at the performance of the actors, Anil Kapoor has played the role of Bheem in a fantastic manner, just by fine-tuning this truth and in this Jugjugg Jeeyo film too, his sense of time is amazing and there are many scenes where he gives you a lot of joy. Neetu Kapoor, Hassan and recently good job, laugh a lot, their actions could be better than this.

Varun Dhawan as a Kuku is also very good and has dramatic scenes. Varun Dhawan’s work in those romantic scenes has to be praised, he has done a very good job. Kiara Advani looks beautiful in the role of Naina, the ending work is also going to be a big stop.

We will give distinction marks to Maniesh Paul’s comedy, in every scene when he comes on screen, you go on laughing that you fall in love with his character. Prajakta Koli who has become Ginni i.e. Varun Dhawan’s sister is just about ok, nothing to really south about. or Tisca Chopra who is playing the role of Bheem’s girlfriend She is ok a dash is not glamorous just general speaking she looks very glamorous.

That glamour question is missing in this film Jugjugg Jeeyo, and there are many other actors in the supporting class. But it is not necessary to mention them separately because no character is so important or any character has a very long role. So this is about the performances of the actors.

Jugjugg Jeeyo Film Direction:-

Let’s take a look at the direction and other technical aspects, the Jugjugg Jeeyo film has been made under the direction of Raj Mehta and we will definitely say about his narration style about his direction, the more intelligently he presents the comics scenes, the more intelligently, Emotional Dramatic Sentimental Scenes In melodramatic scenes, his mastery with Joe Brilliance is not visible and there is a story of two divorces in this Jugjugg Jeeyo film, so this film needed sensitivity and emotional scenes needed to be very strong, which is missing.

Jugjugg Jeeyo music in film:-

Music in the Jugjugg Jeeyo film is by different music directors Tanishk Bagchi, Kanishk set and Kavita Seth dice also and posi music is very good but the blockbuster song is not here, rang, sari dupatta, Songs are melodious, lyrics are also written by different lyrics by Tanishk Bagchi, Dhruv, Yogi Dice Bhi Am Ginni Divan and lyrics of songs, of course, they are well with the mood of the Jugjugg Jeeyo film songs choreography ie song picturization by Adil Sheikh and Boss.

In the season which is filling, John Stuart Fury’s background score is decent, JI Patel’s cinematography is excellent, and Sukant Panigrahi’s production design is very good.

And Editing by Manish More in this Reasonable Shop Toh overall Jugjugg Jeeyo comedy is good, good, laughs but the emotional part of drama this Quiet week and so there is no chance that Jugjugg Jeeyo can run at the box office it will remain at the box office.

Here let me tell you Jugjugg Jeeyo‘s opening is very weak, of course, connections will be picked up, and these weekend collections will be good, but in the final tag, if this Jugjugg Jeeyo film will not shine at the box office, then friends, how was our review of Jugjugg Jeeyo. You will definitely post your common by going to the common section and if you have also seen this film in the cinema, then also tell us how did you like the film? Thank You Thank You Tata Good-Bye Tech Very Good Care Of Yourself

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