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Mahesh Babu Controversy, Mahesh Babu had said that Bollywood Can’t afford him if it is about money, then when such a big pan India superstar like Prabhat is called Bollywood If he can pay a fee of one and a half hundred crores

Mahesh Babu Controversy:-

Hello friends and welcome to our blog, the love and support that films of different industries have received from all over India for the past several years, shows how open-minded the people of our country are and only good content. mean right. For decades, the gap between South and North, which was being formed, seems to be decreasing somewhere now, if everything is going well, then by giving some statement or the other, work has to be done to increase this gap. The debate about not getting respect for the Hindi language and getting the same respect, especially in South State, has been going on continuously,

when Hindi audio is openly supporting every language and films made in every language, then what is the need to make such statements? Whether this does not create separation, I leave it to you the question. The controversy that had arisen regarding the Hindi language due to the statement of Kichha Sudeep was just calmed that now such a thing has been said by Prince Mahesh Babu Controversy Statement which hurts the sentiments of the people, especially the Hindi audience and their North Indians. Fans if you are getting love across India.

Mahesh Babu Controversy Statement:-

So what is the need to say such things, from the position where you are, no one expects such a statement, you must have heard a proverb, we are we, are we, you are you, then are you If at this time we leave South-North Mera yours and talk only about India cinema, will it not be right? Now coming to Mahesh Babu, Tollywood Prince Mahesh Babu is the biggest superstar of the Telugu industry, hundreds of stories of his generosity and humble nature are famous,

but I am sorry, this interview clearly showed me his pride, Humble did not see me anywhere, friends I am such a person who does not have the habit of turning around and stepping on two boats, I speak only what I think is right. Mahesh Babu name comes In many blogs I have talked about his best but this time I am Quiet Disappointed Years ago Mahesh Babu Controversy Statement gave a statement that he will never work in Bollywood, he should not work in his industry.

Mahesh Babu Controversy Statement On Bollywood:-

is to be carried forward. When the prince here is a superstar, then why would he go to Bollywood and make his debut, it was a hundred percent correct and said the right thing, the big superstars of every industry will only think of the development of their industry, now rocking star Yash a little Telugu industry In the same way, Shahrukh Khan will also go to the Tamil industry and make his debut at this age, or else all the staff will think of the growth of his own industry.

Mahesh Babu’s statement given many years ago was logical and perhaps this was the reason why no one felt bad, but this time Mahesh Babu did and how did you say, just listen,

the superstar said that he cannot afford me, I am there. I will not go and waste my time when he was asked if I want to see the Hindi decade, he said that if you want to watch, you can watch it by dubbing, the first thing here I will not blame the media at all, their job is to ask your questions now. sitting in this position, it is your answer responsibility to give such an answer which

Mahesh Babu Controversy Statement On Bollywood Can’t afford:-

Do not hurt anyone’s sentiments, his statement can be taken in two ways, first in a funny way, Mahesh Babu had said that Bollywood Can’t afford him if it is about money, then when such a big pan India superstar like Prabhat is called Bollywood If he can pay a fee of one and a half hundred crores, then why not you and that’s why he did not eat this thing about money, whatever Mahesh Babu said, he could have selected the words well, okay,

let us assume that you have script direction and content. You must have said this thing about it, but after reaching this peak of stardom, speaking such things openly in the media does not suit you and what is it if you want to watch in Hindi then watch it by dubbing it means you are not giving any attention to Hindi fans Hindi audience Pagal Hai Who Wants To Watch Pan India Movies Don’t Tell You What Is Pan India Jr NTR and Allu Arjun in Ram Charan and morning

Mahesh Babu Controversy Statement on Hindi:-

As the actor is counted as a superstar today, Mahesh Babu’s name does not figure in this list and this is the reason why Mahesh Babu’s fans want to work in Pan India films and prove their stardom at the Pan India level. Mahesh Babu’s Across India Fans are useless who were waiting for the official release of Baru Phatak in Hindi, here no one is asking you to sign Karan Johar’s film in Bollywood and release it in Hindi, here your fans are just that. Want to see your film like the rest of the stars at the Pan India level and Mahesh Babu sir what you said that if you want to see me,

Then watch it by dubbing it in Hindi, then Mahesh Babu(Mahesh Babu Controversy) sir a small correction here is that Pan India movies are released only after dubbing that when yesterday Main Bhi Rocking Star Yash was voiced by Sachin Goyal, Bahubali Main voice Prabhas was voiced by Sharad Kelkar when the right to do it is with your production company just like you Major in Hindi I am releasing the same by dubbing in the same way what is it that if you want to watch then watch it by dubbing it means you are in Telugu

Insensible Mahesh Babu Controversy Statement:-

Do you consider the audience as your friend, do these fans have any value on how much your statement can be true, but the way of speaking this thing and as it was wrong, you should not feel humble but arrogant here. It could be said decently that the audience is supporting the films so much at the wear level and on the other hand, actors like Chiranjeevi Kicha Sudeep and Mahesh Babu Controversy, do not you think that you can increase the superstar to increase the gap between South and North. We are working and all these things now why just because Bahubali’s or RRR and Pushpa became successful at the Pan India level,

just because of how much support of the Hindi audience was there in getting success at the Pan India level, you ask the filmmaker of these films. I am not saying here at all that you have insulted the Hindi language, yes, but I am definitely saying that the Hindi audience has definitely been hurt a lot by this statement of yours. There are also actors like Allu Arjun Ram Charan Jr NTR Yash and Prabhat who have interacted with the media and we are helping Hindi audiences with their words.

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Born9 August 1975 (age 46), Madras, Tamil Nadu, India
Alma materLoyola College Chennai
OccupationFilm actor
Years active1979–present
WorksFull list
Spouse(s)Namrata Shirodkar (m. 2005)
Parent(s)Krishna (father)
Indira Devi (mother)
AwardsCineMAA Awards, Filmfare Awards South, IIFA Utsavam

Mahesh Babu Controversy and its conclusion:-

won the heart of Do you guys want to prove your superhit by doing this or do you want to show that we have gone ahead only when it comes to Bollywood, it is going through its bad days, Bollywood is spoiling that’s why we critique it, it is good in Bollywood. If we bring a good project, then definition we will support it too on the belief of Hindi audio I just want to say that we want to support good films without seeing whether this film is our industry or your industry, all we want is that You guys please stop making such statements.

Mahesh Babu Controversy bollywood | tollywood | romantic movie

There are also actors like Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan who are ready to work in the South to maintain a healthy relationship, then why are you giving such a statement, it is giving a wrong impression in the mind of the audience, and the overall conclusion is that Whatever Mahesh Babu said, he may be right in it but his method was wrong, he chose the words wrong and the arrogant is clearly visible in them, so friends, how much do you agree with this now about my State Opinate Mahesh Babu Controversy.

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