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Hello friends, and welcome to Today we are going to review a Gujarati film Naadi Dosh, whose name is Nadi Dosh. Naadi Dosh film was released this Friday and what a Naadi Dosh film its writer-director is Krishnadev Yagnik and the story is like this, it is a love story with family drama. A boy and a girl both love,

Meet the family of both and the girl’s family likes the boy, the boys like the girl, then what is the problem? You will say that the problem is that the horoscopes of both of them do not match, what happens after that? Can these two lovers meet? Was it someone’s fault for not getting their horoscope or getting them back or getting married? All that does not happen, when you watch the Naadi Dosh film then you will know that it is a love story with a lot of family drama and the story of two lovers.

First of all, let’s talk about the script, Krishnadev Yagnik has written a very original script. The story has a new angle and the screenplay is such a fun first-half light heart fun romance.

Naadi Dosh
star cast of Naadi Dosh

the storyline of Naadi Dosh film:-

After that comes a serious turn, the second half is also fun, folic, funs and towards the end is drama, melodrama. What is that drama? We won’t tell you that melodrama but Everything So Well Returns is such a great script that you will laugh a lot and your eyes will become moist two or four times, it means to say that you also know to cry. So as a wholesome entertainer says, the story screenplay is very nice and there is that touch of novelty because of which you enjoy a lot and Krishnadev Yagrik’s dialogues directly touch the heart.

performance of Naadi Dosh hero and heroin:-

Now let’s take a look at the performance, Yash Soni is the hero of this film Naadi Dosh and you already know that if you watch Gujarati film Naadi Dosh, Yash Soni is a really fine actor, his work in this film Naadi Dosh is also very good. Janaki Bodiwala is the girl heroine, she also looks beautiful and her work is fun too.

Naadi Dosh

another star cast of Naadi Dosh film:-

Raunak Kamdar who is playing the role of the brother of our heroine Janki Bodiwala. he is very handsome but cow and did a great job in fact his dialogues make you cry two or three times.

We will definitely tell a scene when he takes his sister to shopping for wedding shopping and she comes dressed in clothes and comes in front of her brother and says how am I looking while appreciating her, they realise suddenly that it is now Will go away and they say hey, you will go away and start crying, I guarantee you will start crying even sitting in the audience, this is the way the love of brother and sister has been shown and that brother Raunak Kamdar who has played the role of brother, Wonderful work done.

Naadi Dosh
gujarati film Naadi Dosh
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Movie:Naadi Dosh (Nadi Dosh)
Box office:est. ₹1.50 crore
Release date:17 June 2022

Ashish Kakkar has become the father of the hero, this also done now stop the verification job, the role of mother is played by Nal Nayak, he also has a good job Ravi Goyal who is the brother of the hero, the younger brother is Him Expression Sample Food and Prashant Barrod Please Heroin Father Wonderful Work Again Very Perfect Time In Acting, His And Definitely He Leave Verified Mark. Dipika Rawal who became the mother of heroin, Shail so late very good support.

Direction and other technical aspects of Naadi Dosh:-

Now coming to the direction and other technical aspects, Krishnadev Yagnik has directed this Gujarati film Naadi Dosh and this type of script has handled the sensitive direction of light scenes in a very funny way but the handling of sensitive scenes will have to be appreciated. We will talk about the climax here because the talk of his direction is going on, it is not that there is a lot of heavy-duty dialogue in the climax,

There is a lot of drama in fact one of the most silent climaxes, there is no dialogue, there is very little dialogue, but the impact of that climax, week hearted or emotional people will start crying back in the climax too, so, his direction The Fantastic.

Music & Lyrics aspects of Naadi Dosh:-

The music and lyrics of the Gujarati film Naadi Dosh are very well supported. Music is by Kedar Bhargava and lyrics by Bhargava Purohit, both are fun, the songs are very good and the ears and the heart are relaxed to listen, the lyrics are musical complementary to each other beautiful. And overall the Gujarati film Naadi Dosh is as much-find, so if you are a Gujarati, then it is very important to see him in this and it is in Gujarati, but understand Gujarati or else he will work with subtitles. It will be time to waste it means that this film Nadi Dosh hit will prove to be a huge hit.

director of Naadi Dosh:-

Let me tell you that even before this, three films by Krishnadev Yagnik have become hits. this is for tomorrow you s it is open very well it was released on Friday very good opening on Saturday the connections increased even more because people who came out, exit the cinema after watching the movie all had to say wow it is fun, wow fun because film laughter, is crying too it just leave you very happy feeling so go watch it.

Friends, how was our review? Go to the Nadi Dosh blog comments section and post your comments, if you have also seen the Gujarati film Naadi Dosh, then of course will tell us how did you like the film? You know, how eagerly we wait for your comments Tata Good Bye.

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