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I just watch season two of this “Panchayat Season 2” at any cost, you can’t miss it at all. The whole series made me laugh so many times, so many times Coming to the laughing ending, the series breaks us from inside.

review of Panchayat Season 2 web series:-

Friends, welcome to you in my blog “movieproreview”. Friends, just half an hour ago, I completed watching season two of “Panchayat Season 2“, after watching I was just sitting for a long time. I am in the last episode, I have started blog writing and am sitting here in front of you, I have not written anything. All I will say is that season two of “Panchayat Season 2” means I don’t know who to compare with whom, I would like to compare it with someone better, how to say this, its name is not just perfect.

I have no words for this and what the series did in the ending, I was crying like a child for at least ten to twelve minutes.

heart touching scene in Panchayat Season 2 web series:-

And you just can’t miss it, this weekend with my whole family, I just watch season two of this “Panchayat Season 2” at any cost, you can’t miss it at all. The whole series made me laugh so many times, so many times Coming to the laughing ending, the series breaks us from inside.

Panchayat Season 2 episodes 8 Heart touching start:-

And the series ends by coming to such a place that it seems, dude, I should not have left at such a place, how emotional it hurts a lot, how emotions come inside us, it is true for us when we are in the last episode. I have no words, really just perfect in every way, so much so that he has not missed anywhere. How he has written those characters, the way he has developed his characters, the way he has presented the situation in front of us,

all in 8 episodes from beginning to end He has not missed it, whether it is the humour, the emotions that are innocent, innocent characters, the way he has portrayed the village, the series was perfect in every way everywhere, the word perfect is too small. Man means acting in this series made me emotional, that is a different thing. But in the first seven episodes, when I was laughing, there was a lot of pain inside me, not because of this series, the web series was laughing, and there were very cute characters.

totally different from Panchayat Season 2 web series from so-called Bollywood films or OTT:-

Very innocent, he was the character of this web series. But still, there was pain from inside that so many innocent innocent people of the village and how they were presented for decades till date, you see through Bollywood films or recently through web series etc. From how they have always been just like a demon, a monster too, very small means in a very poor way, we have been seeing the depiction of the village for decades and there was so much pain inside that thing that man it is so holy,

so pure Such a lovely environment, so many innocent, innocent people of the village and you will get to see this in every single village, wherever you go in India, but how are these same villages stereotypical to the innocent people of these villages.

And the films in which they are stereotypical in the web series, they are promoted in the name of art house films or in the name of art in the name of art, the same promotion will not be for “Panchayat Season 2” Watch season one, now even after season two, see that this series is perfect in every way.

Characters and star cast of this Panchayat Season 2 web series:-

We get to see such performances very rarely, here is the character is played by Faizal Malik, I have no words for Pralhad Pandey’s character. Yadav Jitu Bhaiya, be it direction, performance, or character development, this series is perfect in every way. But even then it will not be brought into the main stream, articles will not be written on the articles, just yes, will give positive reviews, will write that review a couple of times,

just the way it should be promoted later, that we will not get to see. From the other side, you can see how the films in which the web series forcefully present India in a very poor way, and how those films are promoted. Just recently, I saw Thar, how wrongly he portrayed the village, etc. Look at my review, how you and how he is being promoted, while you can see that somewhere in the midst of people, there is such a thing about him. People have liked a lot we are not seeing on social media.

glorify village scene in Panchayat Season 2 web series:-

But how are some English speaking critics, etc. presenting him like he is getting so much love from people, that there is no limit to that love? And if it is on OTT, then is it in their hands, the entire ecosystem, media puppet media critics, they will say that the thing becomes a masterpiece, but such things will not get anything more than just a review, they will never try to bring it into the mainstream.

And for this reason, we do not need to support the web series that are like this and which have become a mindset, nor do many of today’s youth have about the villages of India, that means the villages of India, there are only monsters, poor people live there.

They don’t have any use emotions inside those people and see this every day I read hundreds of such comments every day I leave on our own channel in another place on our channel whenever the village is stereotyped in such a very wrong way And I only ever tell about it, nor in the review, I read in hundreds of comments proving me crazy, every day I am an idiot, I do not even know, etc. etc.

decline bad perception in Panchayat Season 2 web series:-

So this is so much that mindset has become such that it is not a “Panchayat Season 2” for many young people to change the villages of India, hundreds of such websites and thousands of films will have to be made, and then it will change a little mindset somewhere because, To this day, thousands of movies are made by people from the audience like stereotypical-to-do. So if that perception is to be changed, then we have to make the same things and better against it and for this, we should support such things and just present or depict the village in a good way.

This has become a different thing but this web series is really really so cute, they have written these characters in such a wonderful way that I started it in the afternoon and once I just woke up in the middle to go to the bathroom. Was lost in a way, when eight episodes were completed, I did not even know and in the end, I have no words for what happened to me, when I started crying bitterly out loud I will just say this That just this today and tomorrow, day after day whenever you get time, sit with your whole family,

panchayat season 2
panchayat season 2 review
table sourcesAll the table sources from Wikipedia
GenreChandan Kumar
Written byChandan Kumar
Directed byDeepak Kumar Mishra
StarringJitendra Kumar
Raghubir Yadav
Neena Gupta
Biswapati Sarkar
Chandan Roy
Music byAnurag Saikia
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes16
Executive producerSameer Saxena
CinematographyAmitabha Singh
EditorAmit Kulkarni
Running time20–40 minutes
Production companyThe Viral Fever
Original networkAmazon Prime Video
Original release3 April 2020 –present
Panchayat Season 2
Panchayat Season 2


Seeing this series, you will feel so cute, don’t you just be ready for the last episode from inside, yes, we already know what is going to happen in the end? I felt a little bit before a couple of episodes that he knew what would happen, yet still, he has presented him like this, no matter what, no matter how much you sit with all your patience. Breaks in the next episode.

I will review the entire series and season two of “Panchayat Season 2” very, very strongly to all of your friends, I will give season two of “Panchayat Season 2” to ten out of town stars. There is no need for an adult guide, no sexuality, no files etc. You can sit and watch it with the whole family. Otherwise, you must also tell me your experience in the comment section below Jai Shri Ram, Vande Mataram.

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