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Hello friends, welcome to our blog Friends, the tallest animal in the jungle is the giraffe, the largest elephant is probably the smartest pyre and the smartest fox, but none of them is called the king of the jungle, while the city which is Not the biggest, neither tall, nor agile nor smartest, yet the lion is considered the king of the jungle,

the reason is his attitude. Similarly, there are many big pan India superstars in the Telugu industry today, but whenever we talk about Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, it becomes impossible for all the actors to match the stardom of Power Star Pawan Kalyan.

The reason is his aura today simplicity and down to earth nature. Pawan Kalyan, keeping his unambiguous opinion on every issue of his state, always remained connected with the interest of the people of his state. If you want to see real stardom in today’s date, then you should watch Thalapathy Vijay in Tamil and Power Star Pawan Kalyan‘s films in Telugu in their own state, even in today’s time you will get to see that craze which may not be possible for the present time. Is.

Pawan Kalyan Stardom In Andra & Telangana :-

In the previous blog, we had informed you about Mahesh Babu’s stardom in Andhra Pradesh in Super Star. It was also told that Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu are considered to have the highest stardom in the current Telugu state. Pawan sir’s talk. If he does, his stardom is not only as an actor but also as the most important leader in his state, he has a good dominance over the people of Andhra and Telangana, if an actor has a lot of hold from films to politics in today’s date. He is just Pawan Kalyan.

The rest of the actors made fans from films, but he has made his devotees by supporting people not only in the film but in the ground reality. In the Telugu industry, these are the heroes whose fans have even built temples and literally their fans are also seen worshiping them. From this you can imagine that how big is the name of Power Star Pawan Kalyan. his name has been raised because of the people.

Pawan Kalyan treats his fans well :-

But over time, people themselves started denying this, especially since it was seen that his craze is becoming more than Mega Star, an event of Sara Narasimha Reddy film there Ram Charan, Megastar Many stalwarts like Chiranjeevi and S Rajamouli were present, there was a crowd of crores and everything was going on peacefully. But as soon as the name of Power Star Pawan Kalyan is announced, the fans have raised the sky as if a fan has come and sat directly on the feet of Pawan Kalyan, normally the bodyguard removes the fan and puts it aside, but here he took the bodyguard. Removed it to the side and put his fan on his chest.

Pawan Kalyan’s fans are crazy:-

Pawan Kalyan is so respected that fans touch his feet directly, not once or twice, but dozens of moments have already been captured in the media, where fans are seen directly touching Pawan Kalyan’s feet and in return Pawan Kalyan also gives his fans an equal give attention. Friends Pawan Kalyan was the only actor I met who was never seen scolding fans or doing root beer in any single blog. He meets his fans with an open heart, the fans do not see a star in him but an elder brother. Due to his humble nature and down to earth nature, he has always remained a favorite of people.

Pawan Kalyan talks in social problem and also gives his opinion:-

Often people avoid giving their opinion in public issues by reaching a high pedestal, these stars are easily cut by saying no comment. But Pawan Kalyan is a person who has the guts to express his unbiased opinion on every issue. I would even go so far as to say that he is the most honest and honest actor in the industry, who, if he goes against his brother for the interest of his state, cannot doubt his honour, especially that brother, because of which he himself became a hero.

WikipediaAll the table sources from Wikipedia
BornKonidela Kalyan Babu
2 September 1968 (age 53)
Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh, India
Political partyJana Sena Party
Other political
Praja Rajyam Party
Spouse(s)Nandini (m. 1997; div. 2007)​
Renu Desai (m. 2009; div. 2012)​
Anna Lezhneva (m. 2013)
RelativesSee Allu–Konidela family
OccupationActor, writer, Film Producer, Politician
Director, Choreographer, Stunt director

Pawan Kalyan also talks in political issues.:-

In fact, Megastar Chiranjeevi had formed a party named Praja Rajyam and its youth leader was Pawan Kalyan. Later, Mega Star merged his party with the Congress, while the matter of the division of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana came to the fore, at that time the Congress government. And megastar Chiranjeevi was part of the cabinet, big actors were not talking on the bifurcation of Andhra and Telangana, everyone was afraid that if any Andhra fan might get angry, then someone was afraid that Telangana fans might not get angry.

Here Pawan Kalyan raised his voice and raised this voice when his brother Megastar Chiranjeevi himself was part of the cabinet, due to the pressure of the party, Mega Star Chiranjeevi Sir was unable to speak, but he did not sit silent. This thing has done the work of increasing the respect of people towards Pawan Kalyan. They should talk for themselves and they are superstars who do not talk about the interest of the people by thinking of reducing their profit. he formed his own party and this party was Janseva Party.

Pawan Kalyan
Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan’s fans are very dangerous:-

By the way, the fans of Power Star Pawan Kalyan are very dangerous and they often have a clash with the fans of Mahesh Babu. The people of South are so aggressive about their star that they are ready to kill even once Pawan Kalyan and Jr NTR A fan of Pawan Kalyan also lost his life in an encounter between the fans of K.K. Later Pawan Kalyan himself went to his fan’s house and helped him in every way possible, as well as explained a lot to his fans that they should not fight with others.

Pawan Kalyan’s picture release is seen like a celebration:-

Even when Pawan Kalyan brings his film, the day gets converted into a festival, the fans worship him by making a temple, but outside the theater, by putting hundreds of hundreds of feet of cutouts, the little fans do his aarti, offer milk and big bigwigs. They also wear a garland up to one quintal. On the day of the first day first show outside the theatre, the traffic police have to do all the traffic in one way, the road is completely blocked, the fans dance, bursting crackers on the way and bring a complete earthquake.

Friends, on the release date of his film, theater owners keep asking for extra police protection and there is so much crowd that there is some damage to the theater.

Pawan Kalyan
Pawan Kalyan

On the day of the release of the film, the biggest danger is on the one who is giving tickets to everyone, on the first day first show, even extra charge is imposed for the fans, some watch the film while sitting on the ground and some standing. Even inside the theater, the fans used to rescue a lot of firecrackers while disposing of the film.

The makers pay very close attention to the entry and dialogues of friends, Pavan Kalyan, especially his entry scene is made to be very dazzling. Talking about the theater experience, the view of the entire theater on Pawan Kalyan’s entry is worth seeing, as soon as Pawan Kalyan‘s entry happens, people start blowing money, whistling and dancing. This is the stardom of the holy welfare in his own state.

It is my dream that I watch Pawan Kalyan’s film in his own state, not only this, Pawan Kalyan’s rally has the highest youth, which runs after Pawan Kalyan’s car, due to these factors Pawan Kalyan For working in any one film, they charge a lot of fees. He is the number one cool action hero of the Telugu industry. By the way, his films.

Social Commitment of Pawan Kalyan:-

Performs well at the box office, but just by looking at the success of the films, you cannot measure their stardom. There is something more than the film and the box office number which works for them, they are also called the icon of humanity. he is the source for the people of his state where even the biggest problems of the people get solved by reaching the biggest disease or any epidemic he has got the people treated from the line. {This picture you are seeing now says something in itself.}

Pawan Kalyan
Pawan Kalyan

Friends, not only in this digital age, but humanity was seen in the works of Pawan Kalyan from Early to Thousand. They often go to the hospital and meet the elderly and children there and solve their problems. Talking about donation, so many reports of their donation have come in front of me that I cannot cover in this blog of mine. If there were one or two, I would definitely tell you that thirty to forty reports are available here, which are very difficult to cover here, just know that the holy welfare has contributed to every problem of the country and every problem of the state.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also praised Pawan Kalyan:-

For the sake of holy welfare, our honorable Prime Minister himself had said that our country needs such leaders, when cyclone Hudhud came, holy Kalyan not only donated fifty, lakhs of rupees, as well as he went to the ground level and helped the people. had helped. He also teaches children, as well as has got many poor girls married, not only this, whenever someone gets married in the state, they give the card to anyone or not, but they definitely give it to Pawan Kalyan sir and that’s it. No, he is often seen even going to the family functions of his fans.


If I ask my conclusion, then the main reason among Pawan Kalyan’s stardom is his extremely helping and down to earth nature as well as the courage to take his stand, which is not in other actors and this is what makes him different from other actors. Makes it different. So friends, here is our dedicated blog read on Pawan Kalyan, how did you like this blog of ours, you can tell in the comment section below, as well as next, on which topic do you want to read the blog, also tell it in the blog comment section below. If you like my blog then please read, blog comment and subscribe my blog thank you very much.

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