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The reactions of the prithviraj trailer has been varied emotional and extreme and after watching the Prithviraj trailer probably countless number of times.

the reactions of the prithviraj trailer has been varied emotional and extreme and after watching the Prithviraj trailer probably countless number of times i am as muddled with my perspective as i was when i saw the teaser the prithviraj trailer is a reminder of the star led system in hindi cinema which will be the make it or break it fate of this industry.

the industry is piggy backing off of the star power of actors assuming that people will come flocking into theaters due to their association with the project versus it genuinely being a marriage of an actor investing into the vision created wholeheartedly rather than getting emotional and just providing you my perspective of what i didn’t like about the Prithviraj trailer.

film trailer not appropriate for Prithviraj Chauhan film:-

i think one needs to be sensitive for the sheer investment that has gone into this project and take every aspect of it and segregate it. between good and possibly underwhelming we are at this point judging only the rushes we have seen and should present our perspective with caution rather than completely dismiss it assuming that the Prithviraj Chauhan trailer has provided us everything we need to know about the movie as

i said there have been multiple times where the trailer has done a disservice to the film which turned out to be rather engaging in the theater so, let’s talk about it point by point and you also do chime in on what you really liked about the Prithviraj trailer or what completely disconnected you or you found problematic when it was announced that akshay kumar will be featuring in a film on the life of Prithviraj chauhan .

akshay kumar as a Prithviraj Chauhan in Prithviraj Chauhan film:-

i was genuinely curious and excited because it made me hopeful of two things one that it will compel the actor to completely invest and transform himself as an actor for such a memorable figure in indian history and two we would get the writing and storytelling of chandra prakash duravedi glimpses of which we saw vividly and remember as he donned the role of chanakya in the early 90s on tv after the teaser it seemed like we would only be receiving the latter and

i still think that prithviraj and its success solely rests on the storytelling of the director because the initial rushes of the performances and dialogue delivery really has me skeptical so let’s get to it point by point the scale and investment what is undeniable is that yashraj films has really invested a lot in making prithiraj the film on the big screen as we have seen historical epics executed brilliantly like tanaji and padmavat.

awesome story of Prithviraj Chauhan film :-

we are used to high octane action films that are also coupled with engaging storylines of warriors protecting their motherland from invaders these movies were presented in a commercial scale and at a pitch for which the mass is immediately connected to the screenplay and one remembers several facets of. it one which includes the scale and investment by the production company the costumes the production design looks opulent and massive as ever frames are filled with hundreds of extras and it’s representative of the time and period in which

the movie is set. so the effort in making the film larger than life is undeniable it’s not as if the people behind the scenes are half-assing their work in any shape or form also let me know your thoughts on yashraj’s marketing strategy because a movie like jaish by jordan has been barely marketed and the same happened with sandeep or pinky farah.

disappoint trailer of Prithviraj Chauhan:-

i hope the same does not go for prithviraj as this movie on such a scale deserves a full marketing push why is it that the other titles have not been marketed to their full potential do you think there’s something unique about it let me know in the comments below cinematography and color palette one thing that i found extremely jarring to the eye while watching the Prithviraj trailer was the color palette of the film that just seems like a massive indulgence of the color yellow with many period epics

already seen by the hindi audience one now cannot differentiate with the frames of different films because the same yellow taint and abundance has been incorporated in every frame not making it stand out as a distinct and unique product and coming across as one of many one of the major reasons why padmavat and tanaji

how to present the battle sequences in Prithviraj Chauhan film:-

stood out as a visual spectacle was the distinct color palette of the film that varied from frame to frame whereas prithviraj comes across as oddly one tone something that should not be the case of a film presented on such a massive scale battle sequences and storyline looking at the battle sequences

i’m curious on which version of the storyline chandra prakash duvedi will explore as there are several adaptations on how history transpired accounts noting that the clashes between muhammad ghori and prithviraj were only two whereas some state that the number of conflicts range from 14 to 22.

irrespective i assume that the film will focus on the rise and power of the young king the internal conflict within the subcontinent among other kingdoms the marriage with sanyogita the daughter of the raja of kanoj and finally the two significant battles one in which prithviraj’s army is blindsided and experienced many casualties only to retaliate and give muhammad ghori a taste of their own medicine awkward pair and focus

i have in great detail and lens spoken about the problematic age difference between male and female heroines in hindi cinema and this is the case with several industries as well you look at tamil and telugu cinema also and men over 45 and 50 are paired opposite heroines in their mid-20s and we have to assume that it is normal.

while talking about the teaser i had mentioned from the years 2006 to 2009 there was a very popular tv show titled dhartika veer yoda prithviraj chohan in which a young raj tokus played the title role a young looking face with long hair the child star did a brilliant job in portraying the role of the legendary and brave figure from indian history that attempted to protect the indian subcontinent from invaders it is concluded from history or at least when it comes to the ballpark that Prithviraj Chauhan ascended to the throne while he was only 11 years old and was martyred around the age of 26.

akshay 650 072020075037 1 bollywood | tollywood | romantic movie
all data source by wikipedia
Directed byChandraprakash Dwivedi
Written byChandraprakash Dwivedi
Based onPrithviraj Raso by Chand Bardai
Produced byAditya Chopra
StarringAkshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt
Sonu Sood, Manushi Chhillar
CinematographyManush Nandan
Edited by
Aarif Sheikh
Music by
Sanchit Balhara ,Ankit Balhara
Production companyYash Raj Films
Distributed byYash Raj Films
Release date3 June 2022

so what anyone would conclude is that for a role that demands actors to be of a particular age demographic you will either cast it for the same or attempt at recreating the same age bracket and i think the creators are just banking on akshay kumar‘s star power knowing very well he isn’t going to completely physically transform himself to look a certain way manushi chillard and akshay kumar‘s pairing just seems forced in my eyes but

0521 manushi 1 bollywood | tollywood | romantic movie

i hope that the romantic angle doesn’t become the core focus of the film and just a subplot of the narrative the age difference debate will carry on but it feels like beating on a dead horse at this point because it just won’t end no matter how many times

i bring it up the antagonist people tend to forget about the fact that manavidge absolutely killed it as an antagonist in lal kaptan most people have not seen the film and underestimate the potential of the man as a performer and as the Prithviraj trailer has still kept his personality at day not completely exploring it so we understand his character traits i actually have my hopes up

that he will make full use of his commanding presence and do a formidable job as the force to be reckoned with music and supporting cast quite contrary to people’s opinion about the background score provided by shankar hassan loy i think that the bgm that we heard in the latter half of the Prithviraj trailer and the full teaser actually fully encapsulates the exhilarating battle that will eventually transpire in the film i think the actual problem is that the Prithviraj trailer has been half-hazardly edited where the actual theme of the film is barely encapsulated in

the three-minute piece it just seems like a random montage shots of the love story and battle sequences rather than a meticulous piece like that of padmavat which worked in unison with the background score almost like a choreography rather than just random frames like this one it’s great to see sonu suda’s channel but sanjay dat and his portrayal almost seems one tone to other shouting matches he has embarked upon in other historical epics akshay kumar’s look and dialogue delivery

i cannot change akshay kumar and his process to prepare for roles he is a man who believes in giving a limited number of days for films and then moving on to the next project method acting is not his cup of tea and it’s clear with this film because he looks the same like many of his other looks of the different characters in different worlds that he has portrayed the ability of an actor to make you forget about his real-life personality is

where actors really shine and i just can’t get the fact out of my head that this is akshay kumar not prithviraj but akshay kumar his voice modulation seems similar to most of his roles and it doesn’t stand out as a role that people will remember where akshay put his heart and soul into the project it’s more like another


film that he completed and moved on to the next one akshay kumar is a good actor there’s no two ways about it but movies like this that require actors to dig deep and venture into the depths that are never explored just require more and i wonder whether the fate of this film will ever make akshay kumar reconsider how he goes about with projects ahead probably not and that was a video guys write down in the comments below of your honest thoughts regarding the Prithviraj trailer please don’t forget to blog comments .thank you to read this blog.

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