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I was really looking forward to the south indian actor Vijay starrer Beast as I slowly and steadily understooI was really looking forward to the south indian actor Vijay starrer Beast as I slowly and steadily understood in a appreciate it. south indian film star Vijay.

Is that movie most waitted:

I was really looking forward to the south indian actor Vijay starrer Beast as I slowly and steadily understood in a appreciate it. What Vijay brings to the Forefront as a star and an actor to any south indian film while I am critical of his last Venture master and how the storyline got bogged down due to his star presence. It still accounted for enjoyable moments.

some story of Beast movie:

That were contributed by his undeniable charm. In style, Nelson’s two south indian film, cocoa and doctor for me were extremely unique and interesting south indian films. Representative of the Creator’s, eccentric humor and style. That is slowly. But surely a master fan base in the Tamil film industry. With these two, in the collaboration with a big star like Tamil star Vijay. I wish Nelson would have held onto his distinct style but not getting overwhelmed with the star like south indian actor Vijay and what the same canvas demands.

That’s also living in ignorance or such a perfect. World cannot exist. These focuses on were arguin played by Tamil star Vijay who is a capable raw agent that resigns from the force because he feels wronged by the organization during a mission. When fate had it that he visits the East Coast mall with the new security company that he has joined. He notices suspicious activity taking place in the facility only to slowly realize that the establishment has been hijacked by terrorists demanding.

good and bad aspects of Beast movie:

The release of a dreaded terrorist, how we are arguin takes matters into his own hands to ensure the safety of the hostages and eliminating the threat posed by the terrorists forms. The introductory premise of Beast then’s me telling you the good and bad aspects of the south indian film so that you guys can Eventually decide whether to watch it in theaters or not. The good action set-pieces the introduction. Set piece of this Tamil film made me so hopeful because it seemed like the perfect Synergy between a Creator like Nelson, and a star like Vijay Nelson. With this introduction scene, aims to Showcase to the audience what it capable Soldier.

The Beast movie history

Beast Directed byNelson
Beast Written byNelson
Produced byKalanithi Maran
StarringVijay, Pooja Hegde
CinematographyManoj Paramahamsa
Beast Edited byR. Nirmal
Beast Music byAnirudh
Production companySun Pictures
Distributed byRed Giant Movies
Release date13 April 2022
Running time162 minutes
Budget₹150 crore
Box office collectionDiscuss

contribut of Vijay in south indian movie:

Vida arguin is this set piece made me so happy as it presented. When a star like B is surrenders to the stylized in unique treatment of Nelson. The first frame of which is not a slow motion shot with the blaring background score, which is to Character smiling as he connects with the chirpy and happy child. The set-piece boasts of long running shorts with minimal cuts. And through many of the complex choreography. Actually showcases hwijae performing the stunts rather than clearly being a jarring body. Double other than the introduction action set piece, many of the sequences are catered more to Vijay star image rather than the attention to detail. Being put on how to make the choreography. Most like an engaging, whether it be a hallway sequence, where two Shields come in and out or a dark tunnel alley in which we je stands with the saw. Ready to kill everyone in his way these moments, shine more because of hwijae rather than the choreography. But I guess this is partly also what we signed up for allopathy, hwijae and what he represents the marriage of Nelson and vjn 42. Emulate collaborations like menudo and doctor is sadly not the case with deist.

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The south indian film comes across as more of a fan service by Nelson to hwijae than making his storyline and writing Paramount. The criticism of the same is something that I will shed light on later. But what is undeniable is the presence that Tamil star Vijay Commands in front of camera, the most joyful moment from the south indian film has to be seeing, which is Shake A Leg in Arabic, put to not at all a dance Anthem, like party coming, but having its own charm, heightened By the Light footwork and ease with which we je executes. The dance routine. He has a charm and wit that makes the otherwise lackluster script also mildly enjoyable.

He sequence with yogi Babu, accounting for the only funny moment for me. When Yogi Babu says, I don’t do dicer and his altercation with the antagonist account for why fans will love this south indian film. But you have to be very forgiving, to think that this film is enjoyable or impressive, as it gets, bogged down by so many elements that it needs to be criticized, rather than protected under the guise of a star that has a loyal fan base. Let’s call a spade, a spade, the underwhelming aspects, son, picture strategy, and visual treatment have to. First of all, say that son pictures and the recent movies have this distinct visual treatment to the film. It don’t make it come across as a slick product but more of an extension of its TV, serials, it’s highly. Brightened with saturated colors that actually takes away from what Nelson’s previous south indian film looked like which is not really keen on interviews and hasn’t given one since the last 10 years. But usually the man doesn’t appearance in the audio launch of his movie and it creates this much-needed Buzz around the film. I still remember, widget dancing to w, e coming and the sheer hysteria that it caused at the event.

This strategy taken by Sun pictures to make Nelson, do an interview with Tamil star Vijay as a part of promotion, only releasing ticket. Bookings and parts of the country one or two days in advance. Makes me think that the company itself did not have faith in the product. And hence. It wasn’t even marketed enough to the best of its ability. Especially what a south indian film starring, which I demands bad writing the movie. Really suffers from poor writing. As quite contrary to Nelson’s previous two films where you are thoroughly engaged or entertained as characters interact with one another in this south indian film. The dialogues. Just seem to describe the events taking place and are not as nearly funny as his previous movies. Both Yogi Babu and read in Kingsley. A terribly wasted.

my thought of this film:

In this south indian film. So well utilized in doctor. Both the actors just play. Spectators at come in and out after every 30 minutes or so. In this movie. They have the most bottom of the barrel jokes and don’t really generate the hooting and cheering that would otherwise be accompanied by such hilarious. Actors, a character that plays, an obsessive, fiance eventually gets on your nerves. He is loud obnoxious and not funny in any way, his obsession with Pooja. He Glee’s character, just comes across his cringe-worthy other than the old security guard, munuswamy. No one really does. It’s the laughter, that one would expect in a Nelson movie. The worst of the Lord definitely has to be the home minister in charge that deals with the case from the control room. He constantly talks about his stomach churning, and his blood pressure rising. And neither of it. Generates hatred or last from the audience, just pure irritation from his Trail and Squiggy dialogue delivery. The attempt to make south indian actor Vijay come across as a man who connects with the veiling of children and what basically motivates him to take the reins of the mission also gets lost along the way.

south indian film
south indian film
emotional and romantic aspects of Beast movie:

Making this south indian film not Even have an emotional quotient to that the audience can empathize with wasted characters and illogical set-pieces Pooja. Hegde, as I predicted from the trailer of the south indian film plays nothing. But a romantic interest in this south indian film. She barely has anything to do other than being ogled at by which a psychiatrist being reprimanded for showing her curves by hwijae and dance on Arabic. Go to the romance, is so half-baked and eventually she turns into that insecure girlfriend. While there is a terrorist attack happening and it just generates the, are you serious? Reaction from you shine.

Hindi dialogues aspects:

Tom choco is entirely wasted in this south indian film and has so many Hindi dialogues. Making me think that. Why didn’t they just cast a Hindi actor for the same? Everyone had so many expectations from the antagonist, but trust me. It is one of the most lackluster portrayals something that doesn’t even slightly intimidate. You as an audience. There are many moments that can make it into the matte lip, which be episode from south indian film beast, but the interval block, and the sequence in which rigid Don’s rollerskates, definitely has to take the cake for the same. This hands down, has to be the weakest Nelson south indian film from his filmography.


There is no doubt about it. One date completely losing out on his distinct style in order to praise worship and cater to a star like Vijay in the pursuit of trying to channelize, his comedy action, and Vijay star worship. Nelson creates a mess of a concoction that just gets exhausting eventually fans would like you to believe otherwise, but there is no denying. The fact that Beast is a letdown in so many fronts and that was a Guys, but I down in the comments below what you thought about the movie, subscribing to our website noification for weekly content ahead. Thank you for reading.

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