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Kiccha Sudeep Vs Ajay Devgan : Hindi is no more national language:-

We have praised Generaly South indian because it is doing really good work, once and often, it has always been critiqued due to some changes, usually, in their blog, Bollywood‘s still talk good things, the motive behind which is not that Bollywood should be destroyed. Hate or don’t like the celebrities there, we express our displeasure only from where we expect better,

if South does well then support it, while if Bollywood does well then we will support it too and if If we do wrong, we will also raise questions, friends, even today we should listen fully that we can keep our point, anywhere further things are my personal, it depends on personal thinking, I do not know what you think but at the moment I am thinking this friends blog

What Kiccha Sudeep Said? Hindi is no more national language:-

Before starting the disclaimer is that before making your opinion, see the complete blog and also we want to clear in advance that all languages can be a call important for us here we language do not comment on this in any way We are just going to discuss the things said by these actors, then friends subscribe to the blog and stay together, friends, Kicha Sudeep of the past says some things in his interview till Karnataka, out of which he spoke in English.

All data sources wikipedia
BornVishal Veeru Devgan 2 April 1969 (age 53)
New Delhi, India
Other namesAjay Devgan
EducationMithibai College
OccupationActor ,Film producer ,Film director
Years active1991–present
Spouse(s)Kajol (m. 1999)
Parent(s)Veena Devgan (mother) Veeru Devgan (father)
RelativesDevgan family

It was said that ‘Hindi is no more national language‘, remember this center for a while now, if you translate the whole thing said in Hindi, then they said that Hindi is no more national language today Pan India in Bollywood Films are being made, they dub their movies in Hindi in Tamil and Telugu, even after that they are struggling here but today the films we make are being seen all over the world, this makes Hindi translation a reputed news portal News Ajay Devgan has taken it from tweeting that

Ajay Devgan Vs Kiccha Sudeep Controversy: Hindi is no more national language :-

My brother if according to you Hindi is not our national language then why do you release your mother language movies by dubbing them in Hindi After this, Kicha Sudeep also wrote many things while tweeting to Ajay Devgan.

Controversy in national language:-

Friends, first of all know that what is the national language of our country to be honest It is our national language, well it has become so clear from this controversy that Hindi is not our national language, Hindi is the official language of the state, which is spoken and understood in more than 17 states, more than half of India’s population speaks Hindi language, this figure It is between 55 to 60 crores, here we believe that Ajay Devgan spoke Hindi as the national language, here he has made a mistake, due to which he is being trolled a lot but what about Kicha Sudeep.

All data sourceswikipedia
BornSudeep Sanjeev 2 September 1973 (age 48) India
Other namesKiccha Sudeep
EducationDayananda Sagar College of Engineering
OccupationActor, director, producer, Television presenter, singer
Years active1997–present
TitleAbhinaya Chakravarth
Spouse(s)Priya Radhakrishna (m. 2001)

Controversy statement by Kiccha Sudeep of “Hindi is no more national language“:-

Sudeep he said Hindi is no more national language Hindi is no longer the national language, so do you believe that Hindi was the national language earlier, if Ajay Devgan made a mistake regarding the most national language, then it was disgraceful to say no more from your side too. being a Kannadiga If you had once spoken in Hindi,

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you could have assumed that the language would have meant something wrong, but you clearly said that Hindi is no more national language in English. You could have also said that Hindi is not a national language. Let us now accept for once that both Ajay Devgan and Kicha Sudeep made a mistake in writing from the butt, now let’s see what was their attention and in which contact these things were said.

unnecessary comment by Kiccha Sudeep “Hindi is no more national language” :-

To the question, what would you say to Sudeep on the success achieved at the Pan India level, first of all, no one eats the question of his answer, first of all, he corrected the interviewer and said that if we talk about all panel films, then we Hindi Pointing to the market which is wrong, now Hindi will no longer be the national language, now Bollywood is also making it in Pan India, in Tamil and Telugu

vainglory of Kiccha Sudeep:-

Even after dubbing our films, we are struggling but our films are being liked all over the world today and that is why we are so sensible that after the success of KGF Chapter 2, we are now giving such a statement. Kichcha Sudeep Kya sir maybe you are forgetting how much Hindi audience supported KGF Chapter 2, it was supported with full force considering the nomination from a regional on Indian. We supported your content keeping even the biggest stars on the side, now that the audience is unitingly supporting all the films, there was probably no need for your statements like these.

hindi dubbed ban in south:-

Perhaps you are forgetting that in your own state KGF was not allowed in the dubbed film till Chapter One, when the whole of India liked your film, after that it is valid to release dubbed films in your state also. Diya, we are unitedly supporting all the good films, whether it comes from South or talk to Bollywood Ajay Devgan is fine, believe that he accidentally spoke the national language, think Ajay Devgan’s attention.

Who Is Right Ajay Devgn Or Kiccha Sudeep “Hindi is no more national language”:-

What if your film is being liked so much in Hindi and after that you give such a statement, then anyone will speak and there should be guts in a person to say this, if Ajay Devgan did not know the national language then Kicha Sudeep didn’t have it, then why did he say that Hindi is no more national language, what does it mean that till earlier Hindi was the national language, both the actors are technically wrong but the target is only Ajay Devgan. (Hindi is no more national language)

And it is not that there is no truth in this, friends, there have been disputes about Hindi language many times in South, some people still do not support Hindi language, while on the other hand Hindi and all four languages of South have been completely Whether you believe it or not, it has been a bitter truth, but for a long time there has been a huge decline in this thing, at this time Ajay is being trolled a lot on Twitter, #singham Avadh Real Hero tax went with Ajay If so, people are commenting below that Singham is also a copy of Tamil. O people Ajay Devgan remix

who is real star of audience “Hindi is no more national language::-

Telling even the star, but perhaps not seeing that more than 50% of the films are remakes of some language, and Ajay Devgan is being trolled for the remake of Tamil Singham. Kichcha Sudeep himself has removed the picture Sudeep’s Sangam in kanada film, so today no one even remembers, well Ajay Devgan looked a little calm in this Twitter debate, while Kicha Sudeep tweets one after the other, for the time being this matter is one It has been completely settled in healthyway, got to see a good example of live discussion here sir, what do you have to say, you can tell by commenting below.

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