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Surya Anna’s upcoming films, Surya will be seen in a guest appearance in the upcoming film Rocketry The Nambi Effect, in fact, due to their good friendship with R Madhavan,

Hello friends, welcome to our friends on our blog, the kind of performance Tamil superstar Suriya Anna is giving these days proves that brother is the most versatile actor in the Tamil industry, Surya Anna is the actor who started his career. He achieved superstardom by playing different types of roles. He gave many iconic performances, many iconic roles are recorded in his part, which we have already talked about in this blog.

Surya Anna As An Experimental Actor:-

However, these are the four big heroes of the Tamil industry, which Thalapathy Vijay and Thalapathy Ajith Kumar have got popularity on the basis of their acting and meat masala films. On the other hand, our Vikram sir and Surya Anna got success only on the basis of their different types of films or rather their content-oriented films. However, later on, Surya Anna made his mistake as the fittest mass hero on the basis of films like Singham and Kaka Kaka, the best thing I like about Surya Anna is that he is an experimental actor.

Surya Anna’s Challenging Movie Roles:-

They must have always been seen in their different challenging roles, see the examples of previous films, Surya Anna’s film was released in the year 2002, Soorarai Potru. From Just Need So Young Nedumaran to a mature Nedumaran in the role of Nedumaran in this film. Surya Anna played every face of life brilliantly and he also went through physical transformation.

Jai Bhim films also appeared in these totally different roles and take the example of the recently released Vikram film, believe me, the two-minute Surya sir’s cameo was kept in the climax of the film, while this film proved to be the biggest plus point. Has happened. Here you must have seen Surya sir in a typical gangster role, doing different types of roles is the hallmark of Surya Anna.

surya upcoming movie

surya upcoming movie:-

However, today we will talk about the upcoming films of Surya Anna, we will know what list has come out so far and what is special in these films. Friends or we will talk about only those films whose official announcement has been done. By the way, we had made a similar blog recently on Thalapathy Vijay too, if you want, you can read it.

surya superhit movie:-

Friends Surya Anna made his debut with Nerukku Nero in the year 1907 and today twenty five years have been completed in the industry. So far he has worked in fifty films, out of which he has appeared as a lead hero in forty films. The last film of the lead heroine was Atharakkum Thunindhavan i.e. eighty.
Friends, this is the real return of Surya Anna at the box office, that is, it has been considered as a comeback. Although before this Surya Sir’s Soorarai Potru and Jai Bhim were also well liked. Although she was an OTT release in the film, she was not counted in the box office success.

Before Atharakkum Thunindhavan, Surya Anna’s career was taking a dip at the Tamil box office, however, now Suriya is back in full swing. It’s over.

surya upcoming movie surya 41:-

Well, now let’s talk about Surya Anna’s upcoming films, Surya will be seen in a guest appearance in the upcoming film Rocketry The Nambi Effect, in fact, due to good friendship with R Madhavan, Surya sir made a cameo in this film has done.

However, the next film of Suriya sir is Surya 41 because the title of the film is not yet announced, so the initial title of the film has been kept here. Friends, the film Surya 41 is also special because the director of the film Bala is the director who is always known for making different types of films. Infact Surya’s initial success was from director Bala’s film itself. was found. Director Bala had made a film about Surya in two thousand one, Nanda, from here Surya Anna got success as a solo hero and Surya Anna also proved himself as an actor, in the true sense that Surya sir’s career was back on track.

surya anna movie

Suriya 41 and director Bala:-

After this, Suriya and director Bala also worked in a film named Father Magan, which was released in 2003 and in this film, along with Suriya, Chan Vikram was also there. In this film also director Bala and Surya Sir’s work was done. Much liked, now these two are going to work together after almost twenty years, so the excitement will be at its peak. Along with Surya, Kriti Shetty is also going to be seen in the film. Basically, it will be a drama film and like every film, a social message will be seen in this film by director Bala too.

surya upcoming movie surya 42:-

After this, Surya will also be seen in his Surya 42 film and this film has also been officially announced. Basically, the name of this film is Vhadibansal and the posters of this film must have been seen a lot on their social media, friends are directing this film Vetrimaaran while Vetrimaaran who has made many successful films like Asuran with Dhanush.

Vetrimaaran’s work in the film Asuran was liked a lot by critics and to the audience, perhaps this may have been the reason why Surya Anna also agreed to work with him. This film is believed to be the first collaboration of Suriya and director Vetrimaaran.

surya upcoming movie
surya 42

surya 42 movie star cast:-

Basically, this is going to be a thriller film, if reports are to be believed then Suriya sir is going to be seen in two roles in this film, out of which his long beard has been kept in one role, this time too the story of the film will be the best in a rural area and Surya Anna meat role will be seen in Along with Suriya, Andrea and Aamir Sultan are also going to be seen in the film, the film will be released in Tamil as well as in Telugu and most likely Hindi.

All the table sources from Wikipedia
BornSaravanan Sivakumar
23 July 1975 (age 46)
Madras (now Chennai), Tamil Nadu, India
Alma materLoyola College, Chennai
Television host
Years active1997–present
Spouse(s)Jyothika (m. 2006)
RelativesKarthi (brother)
Brindha (sister)
director sudha kongra and surya anna movie:-

After this, Suriya is going to work in an untitled project of director Sudha Kongara. Let us tell you that Sudha is the one who has made a masterpiece film like Soorarai Potru about Surya. Now she is doing a reunion with Surya again, this time the genre of the film will be gangster drama, which will be the best in a new city. There is a lot of buzz in the market about Suriya and director Sudha Kongra’s film.

Akshay Kumar in director Sudha Kongara remake Soorarai Potru:-

However, at this time director, Sudha Kongara is busy making the Hindi remake of her film Soorarai Potru with Akshay Kumar. Here the good thing for the fans of Surya Anna is that in the remake of Soorarai Potru with Akshay Kumar, Surya sir is also going to have a cameo and he himself is producing this film. That is, you will get to see Suriya and Akshay Kumar in the same frame.

Surya sir in the movie Vikram 3:-

Apart from this, there are many other projects which are in the line up such as recently Kamal Haasan himself told that Surya sir is going to be seen in the villain role in his next film Vikram 3. Obviously, Vikram film has ended on a just note, it is confirmed that Rolex’s character is going to be seen in many films.

Suriya Anna Standalone Film With Lokesh Kanakraj:-

Director Lokesh Kanakraj can also make a standalone film about Suriya. There is a high chance that Lokesh Kanagaraj may have decided to make a standalone film about Suriya, in which he will definitely show the life of Rolex, besides he can also be seen in Kathy 2.

By the way, director Lokesh Kanakraj had announced a science fiction film about Surya in the past. The climax of Vikram film is now so clear that that film is now canned. Actually, director Lokesh Kanakraj is working on a supernatural film named Irumbukal Mayavi with Suriya sir, after working in this project for eighteen months. Lokesh pulled out of this project,

He realized that he might not be handling this genre properly right now. That’s why Lokesh Kanakraj stopped the film at an unexpected time, it does not mean that he is not making any film about Surya sir, he will make a film about Surya in which he will be seen showing the complete journey of Rolex. It will be a dark gangster thriller film, which director Lokesh Kanakraj has mastered.

The best thing for the fans of Surya is that Surya is a part of Vikram Universe and the biggest villain, so he will keep seeing you in many films in between, apart from the superhit of Atharakkum Thunindhavan of director Pandiraj’s film. After this, the makers of the film are also planning the sequel of this film, at present, not much can be said about this project.

Surya Anna’s Singham Four:-

Discussions are also hot about the fourth installation of Surya’s superhit franchise Singham. This time the story of Singham 4 is being worked out closely and the makers do not want to repeat the mistake of Singham 3 here. This time if there is any mistake then the brand name Singham can get spoiled.

At present, so many projects are also in the line-up. Which film are you most excited about? You can tell in the blog comment section below, as well as on which actor you want to see more such blog, also definitely tell in the comment blog section below if you like my blog then please like to commenting my blog thank you so much.

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