Tamil Films star Thalapati vijay : Thalapati which means Number 1 best leader

All these factors make Tamil Films star Vijay a huge superhit, all these factors give Thalapati Vijay superstardom, people even had the title of Thalapati which means leader. The leader who fought for him in every problem.

Superstardom of Thalapati Vijay:

Hello friends, welcome to our blog review movieproreview, stardom is such a craze that happens for only one in decades, there are star superstars who keep changing with time, but stardom is hardly counted for only a few actors. If we talk about Bollywood, then superstar Rajesh Khanna, then Amitabh Bachchan and after that Shahrukh Khan got to see the real stardom, although the best and successful actors became many, in the same way, in the Malayalam industry, the red tones i.e. Mohanlal and Mamoti sir.

Thalapati Vijay one of the best among Kollywood star

Only superstardom was seen in Canada industry, Rajkumar Sahab Puneet Rajkumar and now rocking star Yash talking about Telugu industry, from NTR R to Megastar and talking about Tamil industry, then in the history of tollywood, the most love and fans are crazy about anyone. If we talk about the actor, then it is Thalaiva Rajinikanth in the present time, if anyone’s name comes after Rajinikanth sir, then it is Tamil Films star Thalapati Vijay.

Discrimination in Tamil Films Industry and Nepotism:

In my blog review i believe that if we take the biggest stars of Bollywood along with the four industries of the South, then Thalapati Vijay Tamil Films star gets to see that craze in the whole of Tamil Nadu, which in today’s date is not visible to anyone else. Well all those superstars got the stardom of the next level, they had to badly criticize in the beginning of their career, some rejected Amitabh Bachchan because of the voice, while some never considered Shahrukh Khan as a hero material or somewhere else. No one was being allowed to become a star because of his black complexion, he started with Vinod Giri and became a hero. In the Tamil film Bhairavi, filmed in 1978, Rajinikanth sir was made a superstar, not only his partner Amit broke down that people with dark skin tone should The public will not accept him as a hero, in the same way, when someone came to the Tamil films for the first time, it was written that the heroine of the Tamil film looks like a mouse, the Tamil film has also become a flop and the father has to face financial losses too. See what he must have done on the newcomer actor. The cutout of the paper was cut and pasted on the wall forever, in today’s date that hero is now known as Thalapati Vijay.

Thalapati Vijay face so many criticism initial time

He got such stardom after Rajinikanth sir, the same newspaper which called him as a rat, after some years, did not get tired of singing the praises of Tamil Films star Vijay for 84 days in a row praising Thalapati Vijay in some or the other articles, the same news paper. in the same section.

Career Of Vijay Thalapati And Superhit Movies List:

You must have seen a lot of actors and best actors, you must have seen all the content rich movies but there is only one who entertains the audience and that too with his masala Tamil films and the audience is never let down in the match.

To make Cinema Halls housefull, a simple down to earth actor has made a point that no one else has the power to leave behind. At present, Thalapati Vijay Tamil Films star in Tamil Nadu is Babbar Sher of Tamil Nadu, before whom no one can stand his career for the last 10 years. In the last decade, all the Tamil films like Nandan To Pakki Thalaiva District Court, Mersal, Sarkar,beast, Bigil and Master created history, the last four films earned two and a half hundred to three hundred crores, from single to big superstars in Tamil Nadu. Films are not able to earn as much in whole India as Tamil Films star Thalapati Vijay’s Tamil films do in just one state.

Kindness Of Vijay Thalapati And His Fans Following:

Right now the situation has become a bit normal, but remember the time when people were afraid to release films, then Thalapati Vijay released his film not only in Tamil Nadu but also in the whole of India so that there is no theater. To get some relief, this became the first Tamil film that earned more than 50 crores on its first day after covid-19, that too with 50% occupancy is seen here, whatever the real stardom situation of Thalapati Vijay, there is no one in his star power. Even before the release of Thalapati Vijay’s film in Tamil Nadu, we get to see long lines for tickets outside theaters for weeks and every small- Big man knows that Thalapati Vijay’s new film is coming lliterally fans are so crazy for their star that they make idol of Thalapati and offer milk in it. Thousands of bikes are taken out in procession for him on the way before every release. Outside the theater, his fans are ready with drums, etc. and dance fiercely. Let’s do Thalapati Vijay’s films look no less than a festival. Whenever there is entry of Thalapati Vijay in the film, lliterally the audience starts dancing on the stage and this is seen with every Tamil film of his, people start running till milk on money not even skin whenever Thalapati Vijay’s Tamil film is released in theaters. If this happens, then theater owners have to come for extra police protection to control the crowd outside the cinema halls and even inside the theater, if the audience comes to know that their star is coming here, then in the number of crores of crores. People reach there, which becomes a big task for the police of Tamil Nadu, that crowd had to be controlled that along with the drums, a garland of long feet is made and garlanded on it, during the Tamil film Mersal, they are 110 feet. After that, on his next release, this time Paes made a bigger cut-out than last time, this time his fans made a cut-off of about 190 feet and garlanded hundreds of garlands on it, to see all this even on his birthday. You get to talk to the dosa makers in All Over India who are Madrasi’s favorite. The actor will be only one of the two, either Rajinikanth or Thalapati was also a man and even then he is not behind even when the procession of these takes place, Thalapati Thalapati Thalapathy shouted constantly, friends, good best superstar National Award winning actor There are many but there is only one superstar who gets to see this kind of craze and that is Tamil Films star Thalapati Vijay.

ActorVijay Facebook 27072021 1200 bollywood | tollywood | romantic movie
Tamil Films star
vijay Thalapati BornJoseph Vijay Chandrasekhar,22 June 1974 (age 47) Madras, Tamil Nadu, India
Alma materLoyola College, Chennai
OccupationActor, dancer, playback singe,r philanthropist.
Years active1984–present
Spouse(s)Sangeeta Sornalingam (m. 1999)
Parent(s)S. A. Chandrasekhar, Shoba Chandrasekhar
RelativesSee Chandrasekhar family
all information

Reasons for having the biggest fan following:

Now let’s talk about what is the region that people are so crazy about him, Tamil Films star Thalapati Vijay, who is a simple answer looking actor, after all what is there in him that is making him different from everyone else, if you look closely at him. And in real life you will see that a simple person who lives in simplicity, when he comes on screen, then the attitude in which he takes entry is not the attitude and and now very few actors can have that attitude so people get attracted. At the same time, people should also become his fans, Thalapati Vijay has something similar with his performance on screen and in real life due to his simple down to earth nature, it has made such a place in the hearts of people that people give them their big. Brother understands no ego or no attitude tension demands Thalapati Vijay slowly in the hearts of people One factor that made Tamil Films star Thalapati Vijay a superstar from the start, that is his extreme simplicity, a down to earth nature. When people start cycling with people, sometimes they start serving biryani to auto people, if there are slippers in the crowd of fans. When it breaks, the superstar lays down with his hands and lifts those slippers, where the small actors sit quietly on the chair, whenever someone meets Tamil Films star Tamil Films star Thalapati Vijay, he gets up from his chair and greets him well. The tractors increase their popularity in the hearts of their fans that this is the popularity that will never diminish, wear them without any fear, even touching their cheeks, meeting people, talking to them and solving their problems. Their habits include standing quietly among the common people during voting, it also makes them want to sit on scooty with common people like this or start talking to anyone like this, don’t you think people Talking about social work, Tamil Films star Thalapati Vijay runs an organization named Makkal Iyakkam, whose aim is to treat young children, give them free education and free food and drink. We have to make arrangements to stand on every problem of the state and especially for the people. They support people, they solve small problems, for the fans, this is a strong hope of solving any problem.

Tamil Films star Thalapati Vijay helps people

Tamil Films star Thalapati Vijay helps people through his fan club, focuses more on education and wants everyone to read and write well. Thalapati takes Vijay stand even on big issues, whether it is Jallikattu, Sri Lankan vs. understanding in protest, de-monetisation or whether to speak something used to the ruling party, he shoved the ruling party on many issues, all these things make Vijay a big All these factors make Thalapati Vijay a huge superhit, all these factors give superstardom to Tamil Films star Thalapati Vijay. People even had the title of Thalapati which means leader. The leader who fought for him in every problem.


Friends, here is our small blog review, in this we told you what is the stardom of Tamil Films star Thalapati Vijay inside Tamil Nadu, if you like this blog of ours, then next we will bring you the blog reviwe of Puneeth Rajkumar Stardom in Karnataka How did you like our blog review You can tell in the comment section below, as well as next on which topic do you want blog review, also definitely tell in the comment section below if you liked our blog review, thank you very much.

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