Thor Love And Thunder Official Promo 2 Breakdown

Hi, guise welcome to the blog where in today’s blog we are going to break down the new promo of thor love and thunder in which we have got to see many new things. So without wasting any more time let’s jump to that. So let’s start with these details, which we all saw in the first trailer of thor love and thunder,

Butt didn’t point out and that detail is that when here Thor, Valkyrie and Mighty Thor are killing these soldiers together their blood of golden colour is falling on here so I was seen in the first thor love and thunder trailer butt That’s what got our attention in this promo, because when this happened in the first thor love and thunder trailer, the pieces of Munich seemed to be coming apart and going to these soldiers within that day,

which caught our attention so much that here The golden blood that fell on the ground was not noticed, but you do not know about the people? Earlier in a movie called Gods of Egypt, I saw that when Gord is killed, his body does not have blood but gold blood, apart from this it may also happen that this is some advance

Android etc, whose oil colour is golden, I am saying this because when I saw Wanda in this condition inside the thor love and thunder trailer in Multiverse of Madness, I thought she was covered in blood here but when I saw Doctor Strange Two After watching the movie, I came to know that in fact she was not covered in blood there but in the oil of Altron Gods.

thor love and thunder trailer
Gorr the Gods Butcher Gorr the Gods Butcher Gorr the Gods Butcher Gorr the Gods Butcher

Olympian Gods Zeus Versus Thor in thor love and thunder:-

The weapon that Korg gives to Thor may be a mess of Korg but because these people have gone to a place where there are many gods plus the Olympian gods have a lot of dominance here, so Zeus is here If it is shining then it may be that this golden mess is of Hercules. Apart from this, when Thor is going to attack here, his eyes glow a little. And glow remembered that when Thor made contact with Heimdall, then in the Ragnarok movie,

the colour of his eyes also turns yellow, just like we got to see Gorr’s eyes in this thor love and thunder trailer, so maybe there may be a connection or something like what I told in my theory blog.

Olympia and Omnipotence city in thor love and thunder:-

Now let’s talk about this place, which we used to think of as Olympia Olimius, it is actually very similar to the Omnipotence City of the comics, so in the movie, it may be Omnipotence City plus finally, we were shown that the Stormbreaker who was in the boat was Thor. Picks up here he makes a Bifrost bridge ahead on which two snatchers and broken grinders mean these two sheep run, which we have not yet shown inside any tailor, what was shown was inside this scene in which he clearly Wasn’t even visible.

Thor vs. Gorr the Gods Butcher
Mighty Thor

Continuity error in thor love and thunder:-

Apart from this, we have noticed the continuity error that the promos are also coming out with Thor winning, right now in them where we can see a little damage to Kaif in one of the Thor scenes, while in the second scene he gets repaired at all times while these two The scene most likely will be taking place at the same time, which will be in the assembly hall of new Asgard, where everyone will have come to the meeting because of the attack by black berserkers last night. For those who don’t know,

let me tell you that these black berserkers are Gorr the Gods Butcher‘s punter people who are extensions of his power with a little society inside that follows Gorr’s commands that were released back then into the comics. When he used to go away after killing a god so that someone would come to know about those dead gods, then there should be someone there to find his whereabouts.

Gardens of Galaxy in thor love and thunder:-

We see Drax, Rocket, Mantis Go fighting black berserkers on another planet in the new promo, which makes it seem as though these guys accompany him to help Thor, in the End, Five sequences where these guys are on a secondary mission. Yes, but it may be that these people will be on their own mission and they were shown for just a couple of shots whose glims were visible at the moment I am saying this because it was heard that Gardens of the Galaxy The team is only at the start of the movie (thor love and thunder),

so I also have a little scene of them at the end of the thor love and thunder movie and this scene is played out like Garden of the Galaxy 2 where we can be shown that Gorr is like ego. It activates something by which black berserkers are activated at every place where Gorr has ever gone or left, after which those black berserkers start causing havoc there.

And coincidentally, inside a planet where Gardens of the Galaxy is present, there were these black berserkers. This scene could play out like this where it was and his company would be trying to stop Gorr, while in the second scenario we showed this I am going to know how high are the taxes. Where we are given some glimpses of different planets where black berserkers are attacking, one of which is the planet that has the Guardians of the Galaxy team present, one of the glims we were shown here in the thor love and thunder trailer itself.

By the way In this scene, in the middle of the fire, I see the gang of Garden Sub Galaxy, with a little more of their endgame in armour and the rest of the people seem to be upgraded, so this may be the starting scene of the movie. When Thor is shown, after which his training model starts, apart from this picture released by Total Fuse, it is known that the two people who were going to Thor were quill and mantis and we also got to know about that place. On the way, you can see where the living table watcher and other people’s statue was and in the back, you can see a little devastation.

thor love and thunder trailer
Thor vs. Gorr the Gods Butcher
WikipediaAll the table sources from Wikipedia
Directed byTaika Waititi
Written byTaika Waititi, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson
Based onThor
by Stan Lee
Larry Lieber
Jack Kirby
Produced byKevin Feige
Brad Winderbaum
Chris Hemsworth
Christian Bale
Tessa Thompson
Jaimie Alexander
Taika Waititi
Russell Crowe
Natalie Portman
CinematographyBarry Idoine
Edited byMatthew Schmidt
Peter S. Elliot
Tim Roche
Jennifer Vecchiarello
Music byMichael Giacchino
Marvel Studios
Distributed byWalt Disney Studios
Motion Pictures
Release datesJune 23, 2022 (Los Angeles)
July 8, 2022 (United States)
CountryUnited States

Mighty Thor vs. Gorr or Thor vs. Gorr the Gods Butcher:-

So May Be Thor went there with Mighty Thor or it could be that he went there to look for Mighty Thor because I told you in my theory blog that May Be in this scene Mighty Thor vs. Gorr Where do you know where Gorr Mighty Thor is kidnapped and taken away with you? Only because both are normal human beings who get the power of God in some other way.

Sympathetic Villain Gorr:-

In this scene, you can see the big forms of black berserkers behind which Gorr will fight the rest because our Thor is the main hero of this movie so he will fight the main villain who is going to be Gorr and such things about the main villain It is being said that he is going to be a sympathetic villain, so it is clear that they are picking up the comics story where Gorr’s family dies of starvation and Gorr blames the Gods for it. After which he takes an oath that he will not leave till all the Gods die.

Killing him one by one was taking a lot of time, so he makes God Bomb, which can wipe out all the Gods in one go, some version of which we will definitely see inside the movie because only then the stakes of the movie Humans, aliens and planets were always at stake, but for the first time Gods have died at stake and that too, not one or two, but all the gods, I am thankful that Marvel people have so far made more TVs of thor love and thunder. , spots etc., because so many TV spots were removed inside the last time multiverse of madness that there was no surprise left in the movie.

I hope not to repeat that mistake this time still two weeks left. I hope somehow pass a week or at least ten days because from four days before we all are going to be underground so that we can avoid any kind of TV spots etc. and we have something new in the movie. If seen, there is going to be a lot to be seen in the movie because all those glims have been seen in the thor love and thunder trailer.

What are you most excited about? Will definitely tell me, I am most excited for this scene of this asteroid or moon in which all the lightning is going on in this thunder, if you like this blog, then share it with your friends so that they too can enjoy plus a light thor Will give so that we also get motivation, if you are new in the blog,

then mail subscribes to the blog so that you do not miss such content. so that whenever I put a blog, its notification goes to you, apart from this there is a small motto of our blog which is to help people, take care of yourself, and keep moving forward by forwarding the movie, thank you for reading this blog state you.


1.when will thor love and thunder trailer release?

ANS:- Marvel Studios delivered another trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder to declare tickets for the exceptionally expected spin-off go at a bargain this Monday, June 13. As usual Marvel Studios released a total of two trailers in two months.

2.when will thor love and thunder release?

ANS:- Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth's profoundly expected legend film "Thor: Love and Thunder" will make its show in Indian assembly halls on July 7.  Wonder India shared the news on Friday on its virtual amusement handle, proclaiming that the film will be conveyed in the country on July 7. confirm thor love and thunder release on July 7.

3.when will thor love and thunder release in india

ANS:-film thor love and thunder release in india on July 7 2022.

4.who will win thor or gorr the god butcher?

ANS:- After nearly winding up dead, Thor can, with the assistance of a few human Vikings, rout the God Butcher. Be that as it may, Gorr doesn't kick the bucket, yet rather is roused to take his God Butchering higher than ever instead of simply killing them individually.

5.Thor vs. Gorr the Gods Butcher

ANS:- Gorr was additionally fit for making semi-aware branch-offs of All-Black, named Black Berserkers, to do his offering. Godlike Strength. 

6.How did Thor defeat Gorr?

ANS:- After the bomb detonates, Thor utilizes two Mjolnir's to assimilate the Godbomb and the powers of the Necrosword. With the force of the bomb inside him and assuming control over his body, Thor utilizes his sledge's to send a staggering strike at Gorr. As he lays bloodied and crushed, youthful Thor removes his head.

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