Top Gun Maverick is release in 27 may 2022 Movie Review

The Top Gun Maverick first first show in IMAX at 6 in the evening, so today twenty six Just like the international film is releasing now.

Movie Review of Top Gun Maverick:-

Hello friends, all of you are welcome in our blog Today we are going to review Top Gun Maverick. It’s 8:30 in the morning and now I can’t say just first day first show because yesterday it was the first first show in IMAX at 6 in the evening, so today twenty six Just like the international film is releasing now, I have just come out of the theater after watching the first day first show. So don’t you? Nineteen Eighty Six Wali Kyun begins exactly the same way in the background, listening to that iconic title track,

it felt like something from the inside, not like I really saw Top Gun two days ago, if not many years ago Thirty Six Years Old Later this sequel of Top Gun is coming but I don’t know, I just saw that old movie Nineteen Eighty Six’s review I have uploaded it yesterday but inside it felt like I really did years ago. Have seen that movie and if we watch this whole movie too Top Gun Maverick then it’s exactly the same

Old wine in new bottle same thing of Top Gun: Maverick:-

The tone has been made in the same way, if you want the experience of watching a classic Hollywood film in 2012, then you can not miss Top Gun Maverick at any cost now. But it happens very rarely that the sequel of a Top Gun Maverick film is better than its previous part and Top Gun Maverick is one of those films and I would call it just perfect if not only better than the previous part. I mean, this Top Gun Maverick film could not have been better than this and after thirty six years,

he is coming with this Top Gun Maverick film, but still he has written every character in detail, many characters of the previous Top Gun Maverick film also tell us here. But watching us play our role again, we see as if the character of Iceman was shown to be made by an Admiral now, I felt very good that he is also a character and how closely he has developed each and every character. One, if he had a different identity or after so many years, if he had really done such a thing, then what would have happened to him now? under what circumstances

perfect sequel movie Top Gun: Maverick :-

I would have? He has written all these things very, very beautifully and very precisely here and when the Top Gun Maverick film started not like I said, it felt like watching again in the same movie of Nineteen Eighty Six, in the same way the one which gives us information It is given at the beginning of the Top Gun Maverick film that on March 3, 1919, in this way some selected Navy officers can be asked by the US Navy for the students, a separate modern school school is prepared for the students so that the world’s best Where the pilots can be made,

that notice has been given to us in the beginning of the film in exactly the same way as in the old Top Gun Maverick film and then it starts, he has not used it anywhere on the sound track, now see now you know that she was so much liked that movie when the movie was released in Nineteen Eighty Six is still and still liked and i can totally understand why it is liked when it rings the bell isn’t it Now look at the background, it feels strange inside, I did that thing for the first time two days ago. Had heard the undertrack but just today when I was watching it.

The background music is from the 90s or 80s use in Top Gun: Maverick movie:-

And that when we were listening to music, that bell rings in the background, see, after a while, man, he was feeling very strange, Tom Cruise’s character was equally good here, I am even top gun I would call Maverick Tom Cruise’s best Top Gun Maverick film till date, that means there could hardly be a better Top Gun Maverick film than this, as far as I am talking about Top Gun Maverick’s sequel, as far as I am talking, its better film than this Sequel could not happen, could not happen and yes, to see this film, you need to see the first part,

without that you cannot understand this whole Top Gun Maverick film, still in the last part, I had some shortcomings, meaning There were not many twists and turns in the story, there were no emotions in it, but today when I was watching the Top Gun Maverick film, there was always a smile on my face, it was feeling so good from inside, there was such a smile on my face from inside. Emotions were budding like this and at the end of the film, I just know what I did, it was just such a watery side of both the eyes.

Top Gun Maverick
Top Gun Maverick

earlier Top Gun: Maverick film did not have all this:-

I Wiped him so many emotions and constantly had a smile on my face. I will just say it in perfect and whatever new characters we get to see in it, each character has its own identity, it is rarely seen in a different nature system, see the old Hollywood movies of the eighties nineties. If we still remember them, then do many such small characters of that character, even if they are supporting characters, and yet they were memorable, we still remember them too, those small carat supporting characters who are iconic. We say that by the way,

you will get to see the iconic characters here. And the best part about this Top Gun Maverick film was the tone of the Top Gun Maverick film, which gives us the experience of watching a classic Hollywood film of the eighties of the nineties. And the scenes of aerial combat, it is needless to say that even at the time of Nineteen Eighty Six, the first part of it was one of the best in that time, I saw it even two days ago, even if anywhere. I didn’t feel like I was any nineteen

aerial combat s well shown in Top Gun: Maverick film:-

Watching AT Six movie in such a good way that combat scenes were shot even at that time and today’s films, can you say that I am just like this during the whole Top Gun: Maverick film, I was constantly shaking my neck like this because Just like that plane, the way that fighter was moving, in the same way, we also move our body, so much we become fully involved.

And the last ten minutes, say ten to fifteen minutes, but you will just give that job on city experience and adventure watching experience, this Top Gun: Maverick film will give you a long time, you will not even be able to breathe in the last time and overall also complete.

I liked the Top Gun: Maverick film very much in every way the characters were developed which was the story Tom Cruise’s character could not have been better than this Top Gun: Maverick film is a two: hour eleven minute film I just saw it in the native language English only in the morning and I will definitely watch one more time in Hindi also. And this is such a film that we watch it again and again, seeing once is not going to fill the heart and it means the most classic films of Hollywood.

awesome characters show in Top Gun: Maverick film:-

Miles Teller has played the character of Nick Goose’s son in the film whose name will always be counted in the film and when you see that character in the Top Gun: Maverick film, you will really feel that brother, this is the son of Goose, the face is exactly the same and the way Tom Cruise means, Rick and Rooster, the way they have developed the relationship between them, they make us emotional in the ending. It’s just one thing that I am Vicky’s love story, which means what has changed in it? The last one he was in a relationship with?

Top Gun Maverick
Top Gun Maverick
table All the table sources from Wikipedia
Directed byJoseph Kosinski
Screenplay byEhren Kruger
Eric Warren Singer
Christopher McQuarrie
Story byPeter Craig, Justin Marks
Based onCharacters
by Jim Cash
Jack Epps Jr.
Produced byJerry Bruckheimer
Tom Cruise
Christopher McQuarrie
David Ellison
Tom Cruise
Miles Teller
Jennifer Connelly
Jon Hamm
Glen Powell
Lewis Pullman
Ed Harris
Val Kilmer
CinematographyClaudio Miranda
Edited byEddie Hamilton
Music byHarold Faltermeyer
Lady Gaga
Hans Zimmer
Lorne Balfe
Skydance Media
Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films
Distributed byParamount Pictures
Release datesMay 27, 2022 (United States)
Running time131 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$170 million

I wanted to know about him till the ending but he has not told that part, the rest I would like to say here that if someone just wants to watch a commercial film like Hollywood superhit film etc. Maybe he didn’t like this movie that much, but if you have liked the last Top Gun, then there is no doubt that you will like this Top Gun: Maverick movie a hundred times more than him and anyway if you like Tom Cruise. Love watching action thriller movies and have a good emotional story


If you want to watch a film whose characters you remember forever, then you can definitely watch this film, I will give Top Gun Maverick, Ten Out of Town Stars, less than this, then this Top Gun: Maverick film cannot be given pads. Talking about, there are no sexuality filers in the film, one or two romantic scenes, that too is very short and one lip to lip kissing scene, so if you want to watch then you can watch the film with the whole family. If you have seen it, how was your experience? You must tell me in the blog comment below, thank you very much.

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