Vikram’s most demanding movie trailer out and release on 3 June

There is no hero in the film Vikram, all hunters are villains. In the trailer, you can see there are different characters. Those who have different stories but all are connected with each other because of one name, Vikram.

Tamil industry new film Vikram:-

Today’s era is mass with class movie entertainment, but speaking in total style, then there is tremendous action in a contact, 50% action and 50% intelligent storyline. Pushpa flower originated from Telugu industry it is not fire and later RRR is the deadliest combo of fire plus water then KGF Rocky Bhai from Kanada industry the most his territory is the whole university. But what is the name of the Tamil industry? Nor do not make the mistake of considering them weak, because Tamil cinema is back Vikram, this name which is preparing to represent the Tamil film industry on the Pan India label.

youtube trailer of Vikram movie:-

The trailer of the film has been released on YouTube, there is no need to say much, probably because even God himself cannot doubt the talent of the faces you are seeing in the poster, meaning you can not even imagine, man Kamal Hassan was sir. Legend with him Vijay Sethupathi The Finest Actor of India and Fahad Fazal The Great Acting Machine All this together in one film There can be no more amazing casting than this Talent Talent Talent I Avoid But Audience Lifestyle And I Can’t Avoid Yes To Bus Story of Vikram is a complete gangster movie

the film story of Vikram movie:-

There is no hero in the film, all hunters are villains. In the trailer, you can see there are different characters. Those who have different stories but all are connected with each other because of one name, Vikram. The best thing about the trailer was that even after watching it in full two and a half, it felt as if nothing was visible. The real surprise has been kept completely hidden, nothing much has been seen.

the star cast of Vikram movie:-

Still don’t know who Vikram is, after all, don’t make the mistake of mistaking Kamal sir as Vikram with the tagline Once Upon A Time There Lived A Ghost The entire twist of the film is attached to it, which will be revealed in the theatres. Even some sources have also learned that Surya will also have a secret role in the film. His face is not visible in the trailer, but some hints have definitely been given.

director of the film Vikram movie:-

A super-duper masterpiece like khathi, which benefits the entire Indian cinema, the action sequences in it were exactly the competition of Hollywood, its director was also the same man, now look, they secreted 50% of them from casting. And the screen of Vijay Sethupathi or Fahadh Fazal in the trailer

another thing about Vikram’s movie:-

The present is absolutely burning, personally going crazy with Kamal Haasan sir’s action avatar for all this young actor. Why is it almost impossible to match his legacy, he will understand by looking at him in the trailer and why Anirudh’s music gives an absolutely international feel every time means something like this can be heard in Indian cinema too, I did not expect DJ mind-blowing is.

Bollywood vs South clash:-

Vikram’s future looks very bright, due to which his Bollywood fortunes have turned sour. Right now the latest film JAYESHBHAI has struggled a lot at the box office, these Marathi Punjabi real movies are collecting more than Bollywood and Vikram’s trailer is going to make Bollywood‘s insulting meter wide and high, don’t think of more outpost if, on June 3 of Bollywood vs South In the clash, Major and Bikram will go far ahead of Prithviraj, it looks like this from the trailer.

All the table sources from Wikipedia
Directed by
Lokesh Kanagraj
Written by
Lokesh Kanagraj
Dialogue byRathna Kumar
Produced byKamal Haasan, R. Mahendran


Kamal Haasan
Vijay Sethupathi
Fahadh Faasil
CinematographyGirish Gangadharan
Edited byPhilomin Raj
Music byAnirudh Ravichander
ProductionRaaj Kamal Films
Distributed by
Red Giant Movies (Tamil Nadu)
HR Pictures (Kerala)
Pen Studios (North India)
Prime Media (United States)
AP International (International)
Release date3 June 2022

Hindi release date of Vikram movie:-

But the filmmaker does not know why I am not feeling more serious for Hindi release, it has been delayed, the only difference is in a proper pan India release and in Hindi dubbed films, you take the audience quite lightly. . there is still time for Vikram



If the promotion is done properly in Hindi, then its trailer is very much like the fans and their hands will reach to applaud directly in airtel, then tell them immediately how did you think Vikram’s trailer will be able to make its place in the class and when will it end. Vikram Akshay Kumar’s Prithviraj is not made by writing below and tell me, whatever you feel if you have liked something in the rest of the video or have to complain, then I will meet you on Instagram, I will wait a bit for you.

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